Friday, October 19, 2012

Movie Review: Looper

In this blog post, I mentioned how Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the only things in my life that has remained constant. In this blog post, on the other hand, I mentioned that I love the notion of time travel. More than life itself.

So, imagine how excited I was when I heard that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was going to be in a movie about time travel!!! Jizz in my pants!

Being the nerdy geek that I am, I will start off by saying that I was completely hooked by the science fiction premise in this movie. When it comes to sci-fi, the premise is the most important thing for me and "Looper" definitely didn't disappoint in that department.

In fact, the only thing I hated about the first hour and a half of the movie was Joseph Gordon-Levitt's fake nose. However, since they had to make it believable that he would look like Bruce Willis in the future, it had to be forgiven.

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The cast as a whole was incredibly superb, though! It was actually beyond superb! Joseph Gordon-Levitt was engaging and brilliant as always, but even Emily Blunt wow-ed me in this. The best cast members for me were Bruce Willis and Pierce Gognan (the kid), though.

Bruce Willis kicked so much butt!!! And I predict a long career in horror movies for that child. :p His parents must be so freaked out proud.

And hey, you'll get to see that chick from "Coyote Ugly" topless in this. You'll also get to see that nerd from "The Girl Next Door" in this, too. And Jeff Daniels (yes, he's still alive!).

Now we come to the one thing that I absolutely hated about the movie: the ending. I hate predictable Hollywood endings, so this reeeeeally didn't work out for me. I'll understand if you loved it, but this personally ruined it for me. Completely.

My alternate endings would be as follows (spoilers - highlight to read):

1. They kill the kid. Bruce Willis vanishes. We get a glimpse of the future. He and his wife are alive and happy. The end. Yes, this is a sappy Hollywood ending, but at least it isn't predictable. The minute Joseph Gordon-Levitt started with his monologue about moms willing to die for their kids and husbands willing to kill for their wives, I knew he was gonna pussy out and shoot himself.

2. The very least they could have done was show an epilogue of 30 years later... where the Rainmaker is still an asshole. The fact that Joseph Gordon-Levitt changed himself did not change the fact that the Rainmaker would still be an asshole. Boom.

Now, just because I didn't like the ending doesn't mean that it wasn't a great movie. Because it was. It really, really was. I mean, I thought about this long and hard before posting this review and decided that (as with the "Perks of Being a Wallflower" book and the last "Harry Potter" installment) I'll just pretend the ending was different.

Coz let's face it: it isn't every day that you come across a piece of sci-fi media that is so incredibly awesome in its premise, it makes you talk about it for hours on end. "Looper" is definitely unique. It is definitely moving. It is definitely gripping. Go watch it now.

Have you seen this movie? What did you think of it? And would you ever want to be a looper? Hehehe. Share your thoughts! :)

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  1. had high expectation bec it is rated 90%+ by rotten, hmmm 70%+ for me, and oh yeah that kid was really scary hehe