Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lookbook.nu Look: I Miss You.

A couple of months ago, Megann got sick and I didn't see her for weeks... which, to clingy-me, already felt like centuries. So, the minute she started to feel better, we scheduled a Southern date to catch up over lunch at Wee Nam Kee. It was my first time there and I loved it immediately. Read Megann's post on our lunch date here. :)

We ate at Wee Nam Kee's Alabang Town Center branch...

... where Megann introduced me to this delicious yet sinful prawn dish.

My LOLZBALLS and favorite Southern date, Megann. :)

Since we had a lot to catch up on (that's an understatement, really), we also ended up having coffee afterwards. This also happened to be the day I first told Megann about Gerd. XD HAHAHA. Yup. Secret's out! :p

Anyway, here's what I wore on our lunch date:

black bag from Prada
black boots from CeCe
red mullet skirt from Sarah Tirona

black studded ring from CeCe Accessoriz
black jacket from Folded and Hung
sheer leopard top from J'Adore La Mode Shop

studded collar necklace from Bangkok
(FOR SALE! Leave a comment if you want it!)

studded tiger bracelet from House of Luxe

Thank you for taking my outfit shots, Megann! :)

Going through these old photos and seeing Megann tonight after what once again felt like centuries made me realize how much I tend to miss certain people and certain things about them, like their laugh, their smile, or how their eyes would glisten whenever they were happy.

Most of the time, though, I tend to miss talking to certain people and spending hours on end just talking about nothing. I miss talking about things that aren't even important, and how the talk ends up being amazing in my head anyway because of who I was talking to. I wonder if people ever randomly miss me, too. Hmm.

Who do you guys miss right now and what do you miss about them? Let's be emo together! :)


  1. Damn, that food looks delicious!!

  2. I love everything in your outfit!
    And you are pretty! :)


  3. Had a bad experience with that fountain LOL
    Nice outfit, girl. Bring on the fierce! :D


  4. bonding with real good friends is never tiring. and hey such an outfit for a date. that jacket's a stunner.

  5. I hope people randomly miss me... but I don't think it happens.

    Love the red, black and leopard look!

  6. I love your outfit combination you look chic and edgy..the food looks great, I bet you guys had a fun day!

  7. The first outfit picture "VAVA VOOM!" HAHAHAHAHH
    lakas maka cover ng magazine ang pose!
    ganda ng effects ng fountain ma try nga one time.
    Love the color combination of your look :>.

    (ako na ang may comment na hiwa-hiwalay) hahahahha