Saturday, October 6, 2012

Show Off Your Certified Lingerista Side with La Senza!

I am a certified lingerista.

In fact, I am one of the very few girls that I know who takes lingerie very, very seriously. Not only am I willing to shell out a lot of money for lingerie, but I also always make it a point to wear matching lingerie. Always.

I never wear boring cotton panties or Granny panties, either - unless they're star-spangled or Wonder Woman printed. Like I said: I take my lingerie very, very seriously.

Fortunately, La Senza takes their lingerie very, very seriously, as well, making it the perfect lingerie store for me.

La Senza recently held an event in Powerplant Mall for the launch of their latest collection: The Show Off Collection - and they really did it with a bang!

Upon entering the store, I was greeted by a slew of gorgeous matchy-matchy lingerie - I was in dream land, indeed.

I instantly fell in love with this pair called Demi and vowed to leave the store with it that day.

Coincidentally, Demi Moore just happens to be my childhood idol. I actually grew up wanting to be her after watching "St. Elmo's Fire" and "Ghost" (I even got a boycut coz of the latter movie! True story!) and, naturally, when she ended up with Ashton Kutcher, I was like, "Totes wanna be Demi Moore even more now." :p ...jokes. Kinda.

Anyway, I'd like to think the name of the lingerie being Demi wasn't just a coincidence. We were really meant to be. 

As mentioned earlier, I'm not a big fan of cotton panties.

But I found these ones incredibly adorbs!

Went to the event with these gorgeous ladies: Raiza Poquiz of Miss Popquiz and Kat Valdez of Fashown Dreams.

They served these adorable La Senza cupcakes - which were kinda messy to eat (thank God there weren't a lot of guys around! :p)

Cute cake pops!

And, get this: WONDER WOMAN COLORED VODKA. Damn straight. That's red, white and blue vodka. I'm still not over it.

Of course, the event wouldn't be complete with a lingerie fashion show, in which I got myself a couple of new girl crushes and a lot of new lingerie crushes.

Born to be wild,
We rock the party.
Our animal instincts take it beyond,
And we always show off.
Hey, don't mention it - the pleasure is ours.
We are La Senza and we present to you the Fall Collection:

Girl crush number one is girlaloo on the left.

Girl crush number two is girlaloo on the right.
Just look at her smirk! Gah! So cute!

One day, I will look like that in lingerie and fishnets, too. You just wait. Hahaha.
As you can see, this line flaunts the sexiest lingerie ever, making it perfect for party girls and closet party girls who love to... Show Off!

As hoped and secretly prayed for, I ended up going home with the Demi lingerie that I wanted. <3 Thank you so much to the Bench Group for my free pair of matching lingerie and the GCs for another lingerie shopping spree in the future. :D

Click here to see a photo of me wearing it and showing off my (lack of) goods. :p

...or not. Haha!

Are you a lingerista, too? :) Then don't forget to like La Senza on Facebook!


  1. food looks yumm indeed .. food lang .. allergic kasi ako sa girls ! ew ! hahahah peo gusto ko yung mga undies nila

  2. I'm the kind of girl who NEVER does this. But I'm wanting to start!