Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baguio Chronicles 2012: Day One

A few weeks ago, David had to judge a fashion show in Baguio, and Gerd and I decided to tag along and add some excitement into his life in the process. :p

While waiting for our deluxe bus at Victory Liner Cubao (deluxe buses are 720 pesos per seat and come with snacks and bottled water, plus a comfort room in the bus and no stop-overs), David almost knocked over this portrait. I wasn't able to capture the moment since I was carrying so much stuff, so they re-enacted it before we got on the bus instead. :p

Most buses to Baguio have free Wi-Fi on board, but we didn't see any "Free Wi-Fi" signs outside of the bus. This caused quite a bit of panic in the guys' minds. :p

Bus chick: Are you ready to board?
David: Is there Wi-Fi???

That's when we spotted the sign that made the guys' faces light up:

We left Manila at 11:20pm, but since we took the deluxe bus without any stop-overs, we got to Baguio pretty darned early. We actually had no idea where we were going, though, so David spent the cab ride holding up his phone and comparing each building with the picture he had on his phone. Lol. Epic!

Made it to Royal Residence safe and sound!

Yeah... My boyfriend's a bit of a dork.
Spot my reaction in the back. :p

Doesn't Dave remind you of L in this photo? :p

I loved the place and our stay, in general, but the guard at the front was a bit of a pain to deal with when we got there. I mean, we were fresh from Manila and freezing our butts off and he made us wait to get inside. I wanted to dieee.

Thank God for my ever loving boyfriend and his never-ending supply of jackets, I didn't freeze to death!

Finally in the room!

Our room had two bunk beds, so four people could have fit into it perfectly. We definitely missed you, Miko! That room was made for the four of usss! #DramaLines

After a few hours of extra rest, we woke up and got dressed for our first day in the City of Pines:

And this was our ride for the duration of our stay:

Lol. Kidding. This is the resident car in front of 50's Diner. You can take pictures with it if you feel like it. Sometimes, they've got a dog sitting in the front seat, too. Cuteness overload!

And that brings us to our first stop: 50's Diner!

The guys were pretty overwhelmed by the huge servings and the cheap prices at 50's Diner that we actually went back the next day to eat there some more. :p

In general, 50's Diner is a great place to go during the weekdays when it's not full. On weekends, you have to line up and wait a bit, and the service is a bit slower, too. Other diners in Baguio can be found in Camp John Hay (Mile Hi Diner) and on Session Road (Jim's Retro Diner). 50's Diner is the best one for me, though.

After that, we decided to walk around and look for a good place to take outfit shots in. Before that, though, we took a detour... the freakin' White House.

Yes, it's haunted. Yes, I got forced into going inside. Yes, I got forced into going upstairs. Yes, I ran out after less than 60 seconds. If you tend to "feel" things the way I do, do not go to that place. Just don't.

Moving on...

Baguio is generally one of the prettiest places to take photos in. Twilight peg!!!

You can be vain and take photos of yourself, too, like Mr. Vanity above. :p

We took two outfit shots there that day, but I'll get to that in another post. We then capped off the day with some ukay-ukaying on Harrison Road before hitting the sack. Pretty glad no one mentioned drinking that night coz, to be honest, all I wanted to do during the trip was relax and sleep as much as possible. :p

Outfit shots, couple shots and day two of our trip coming up next! :)

All photos by Gerd Perez.


  1. i miss baguio because of this post! how's the temperature when you got there?

  2. baguio will always be a good place to stay , relax and meditate

  3. I love Baguio. It's been a while since I stepped foot on it. =)

  4. wow wonderful photos of this place. wish i could set foot there some other time in the summer of 2013.. fingers crossed!

    thanks for dropping by my blog.

    followed you here. hope you follow mine too!

    XO, graxa

  5. This post is so fun to read! haha!
    Made me miss Baguio. :(