Saturday, December 15, 2012

Couple Shots: All I Want for Christmas is You

Seeing as this is going to be a semi-holiday-vibed post featuring another round of couple shots with my very handsome boyfriend, I tried to think of the cheesiest Christmas song out there. Naturally, that would be "All I Want for Christmas is You". :p

A short backstory on the outfits: Gerd and I had GCs to spend at Forever 21 and decided to shop for whatever we wanted separately. When I went back to the men's section, fully decided that I was going to get this green sweater, Gerd told me about this red sweater that he wanted. *cough* in sync *cough*

And that's when Catch proposed we take holiday-themed couple shots, complete with reindeer and snow and Christmassy love. Well, we may not have any reindeer or snow, but we definitely have some Christmassy love to show. #lilmisscheeseballs Enjoy! :D

Obviously, these photos were taken on our recent trip to Baguio. :) The beautiful woodland scenery really is hard to be mistaken, huh? Since David generally takes a year and a half to take outfit shots :p we decided to make the most of our time and cheese it up for the camera for a bit.

See Gerd's complete outfit post here.

I don't think words can sufficiently describe how happy I currently am in my relationship.

See my complete outfit post here.

I really am blessed and incredibly happy to have Gerd in my life. It's really hard to find someone who will accept all of you - including your flaws, your weaknesses and your weirdness - you know what I mean?

Gerd just gets me in a way that no one else does. And he doesn't judge me when I randomly turn on my Hulk voice or squeal when I see something cute or even when I repeatedly throw tantrums coz I wanna watch a Disney movie or a geeky movie that's out in the cinemas. He just gets me. And best of all, he joins me in my weirdness.

And just to prove that I'm not the only cheeseball in this relationship, here's something that Gerd recently told me: "I've always wanted to have a girlfriend who would be my best friend at the same time. I found that in you." * awwwww * :">

I hope you all find someone as perfect as Gerd someday - someone who really makes you feel special. Oscar Wilde put it perfectly: "Never love anybody who treats you like you're ordinary." Otherwise, you could miss out on something beyond great. Happy holidays! :)


  1. OH MY!!!! kakilig lang habang binabasa ko tong post na to ^___^

    Michael Macalos

  2. True what they say, when you're in love it shows. You look so happy, and your smile is different :)

  3. Kilig vibes all over.
    You guys are so cute together!!!!!


  4. mommy!!!!!! and....daddy! hahaahah!

  5. aaaw ang sweeet <3 so happy for you!!!!!!

  6. Pwede na ako magbenta ng nacho cheese hahahaha cheesyyy niyo :"> ♥

  7. Christmas greeting cards? I say YES! :) Gahh! Been so busy this December. I wanna see you two!! :(

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  8. So cute! Would you like to follow each other via Bloglovin?

  9. Perfect for each other! Lovely couple! <3

  10. So sweet!! :)

  11. You to ook great togehter!!!

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    Stop by soon!

  12. Looking at your pictures, it's easy to see the love between the two of you :) I love your outfits and you two look picture perfect!