Friday, December 21, 2012 Look: Stop.

I used to be a jetsetter, thanks to my dad's line of work. I was born in the US, grew up mostly in Germany and made Thailand my home, but traveled in-between to places all over the world. In fact, I hardly had time to breathe and unpack my things before we packed and moved again.

As such, you'd think that, like my twin, I would cry and whine because my life had suddenly stopped after going full speed for so long, like running into the wall at Platform 9 3/4 and getting the wind knocked out of me. But I didn't.

In fact, I am breathing more freely than ever after that sudden halt and I am enjoying my peaceful and "boring" life today more than ever.

Of course, the hidden jetsetter in me still feels very much at home when traveling, though, so I didn't hesitate to accompany David and Gerd to Baguio last month. Here's my second set of outfit shots from our first day in the city of pines:

Black triangle necklace from Crave More

Excuse me while I plug my boyfriend's designs for Crave More for a sec... CHECK OUT THE NEW AMBER COLLECTION HERE!!! :p

Black beanie from the New Glorietta bit

Gerd bought me this beanie :) I've decided to stock up on them coz he likes me wearing them, for some reason; so if you know any good places to get cute beanies, let me know, please. :D

Red sweater from Forever 21
And the "dynamite smile" that only my boyfriend can bring out of me. :)

Unlike the boys, I was too lazy to bring a second set of clothes with me, so I borrowed Gerd's sweater for my second set instead, which he wore in our couple shots here.

Black boots from S&H

Black ruffled pants from Penshoppe

Growing up with my dad's line of work, I also grew accustomed to people always expecting things from me. Daughter of the Philippine Ambassador? She must be smart/talented/multi-lingual/elegant/polite/insert-adjective-that-I-am-so-not-here.

It isn't until my dad retired and we moved to Manila that I was finally able to come out of my shell and just be me: the geeky rocker chick with the loud laugh who slouches and doesn't really care very much whether she's using the right fork for her salad or not.

Don't get me wrong. I loved the life of a jetsetter and am extremely thankful for all of the things I was able to experience because of it, but I love my simple and low maintenance life now much more. I guess was just born for simplicity. What about you? :)


  1. I like your aura in your recent photos, and you write different now too: light, positive, and happy.

  2. love this simple look! :) you have a pretty smile!

  3. Very simple yet very, very pretty! :)
    And I love the beanie on you, too! :D


  4. 5th photo! you look like an angel!tapos meron pang light effects coming from above! hahahah :))