Monday, December 3, 2012

My Blogsphere Experience!

Don't get confused or excited when it comes to the title of this blogpost. I wasn't a speaker at the event nor was I a student. I was actually being a stage girlfriend, supporting her ever awesome boyfriend. Chyeah!

To be perfectly honest, I didn't just go there for Gerd, though. Although I went to Assumption University in Bangkok and not here in Manila, it didn't stop the Assumptionista in me from jumping up and down in excitement when Gerd mentioned his talk would be in Assumption College. :D

I also got excited when he told me that the other speaker was Dani Barretto because I had heard a lot about her from my friends, but never really talked to her before. I thought this would be a chance to find out more about her and see what she's like for myself - and I definitely wasn't let down.

Instagramming before the event.
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Before the talk began, Dani and Gerd were both telling us how this was the first time they were ever going to give a talk. By the time they started, though, it was really hard to believe that they were virgins in the field. They were both so at ease speaking in front of the crowd, and there was never a dull moment. Round of applause to the both of you! :D

(And I'm not trying to suck up to you guys or anything by saying all of that - swear! You were awesome! Just ask any of the AC girls who were present for the talk that day!)

Things I learned from Dani Barretto:

1. Don't wear anything you're not comfortable in. If you can't breathe, if you feel self-conscious, or if you bleed (yes, she mentioned bleeding) while wearing something, don't wear it.

2. Haters gon' hate. Look at the bright side: someone is exerting effort to leave you negative comments - negative comments that will only give your blog more hits in the long run. :D

3. She wasn't built for showbiz. :))

Read her blog post on the event here.

Things I learned from Gerd Perez:

1. Use good photos on your blog. People won't be interested in seeing what you wore if you post grainy pictures on your blog that were clearly taken from a mobile phone.

2. Be versatile and don't just stick to one topic on your blog. Gerd blogs about photography and art, as well, among other things.

3. He's proud to be my boyfriend. :))

Read his blog post on the event here.

Sorry, but I have to mention this... During the end of Gerd's talk, he actually pointed at me and said "See that girl in red? Yup. That's my girlfriend." <3

My priceless reaction caught on camera.
Kilig to the bones!

I think this photo pretty much sums up the day. Haha.

It's always nice to watch bloggers talk about something they're passionate about in front of a crowd and see what they're like off-(the-laptop-)screen (Naks! Parang celebrity lang!). :)

I think Assumption College made the perfect choices in getting these two to kick-off Blogsphere, seeing as they are two of the humblest and real-est bloggers that I know (and I know quite a lot of them, so trust me on this).

Some of the awesome Assumptionistas who were there that day!

Thanks for letting me tag along, guys! And congrats to the now-non-virgins Dani and Gerd! Hope to see you all again soon! :)

All photos taken from Studio's Facebook page.


  1. hi thank you! im following you back!
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  2. How exciting! Bet it was a great learning experience. And look at how much fun you had.
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  3. This looks like a great experience!
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  4. wow thats cool,
    and cheesy too haha
    anyways i agree with her I don't wear anything uncomfortable

  5. Will never get tired of having you by my side :* #cheeseballs

  6. Awwwwwwww! I'm getting covered in ants just reading this post. YOU TWO ♥ I've never actually attended a blog talk. I probably should though just to see how bloggers do it :)

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  8. yayyyyyy! Kinilig ako :D I'm happy that you're happy Angel!