Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Importance of Conscious Consumption - An Eye-Opener from Muni

Conscious consumption. This was never part of my vocabulary back in the day. And by "back in the day", I mean up until I read about Muni last week.

I used to be the worst kind of shopper there is: the impulsive kind. In fact, I am so impulsive when it comes to my shopping habits, I put Rebecca Bloomwood to shame.

After reading about Muni, however, things have changed. And, although I hadn't planned on blogging about Muni originally, I realized how much of an impact it had actually made on me.

I've been to the Supersale Bazaar at World Trade Center every single day since it started, so it was practically inevitable for me to come across a million things that I wanted.

However, where the old me would have just thrown money at booth vendors for things that I would forget I had and would prolly never use, I found myself asking, "Do I actually need this utterly gorgeous pair of shoes in my life?", "Can I get a friend to DIY this for me?", and "Will I actually use this?" more often than not.

By asking myself all of these questions, I ended up spending a mere Php1,500 in the five days that I spent at the bazaar compared to the Php8,500 that I spent on the one day that I went to the bazaar last time.

It helps that my boyfriend has made me enjoy living a more simple life and that one of my closest friends has reminded me to start paying off my debts and start saving money for a change. It also helps that I've been making it a point to live green. Now, I'm not just conscious in terms of minimizing my carbon footprint, though; I am also conscious about the way that I shop.

Heck, I even ukay-ed for the first time when I went to Baguio recently! That's a huge feat coming from an ambassador's daughter who used to shop at Louis Vuitton and Jimmy Choo, okay. Be proud.

I guess, in a way, Muni also influenced a current huge lifestyle decision that I made to move back in with my parents instead of renting a new condo. After all, saving money now will help me enjoy the future much more when it comes. Thanks for the eye opener, Muni! :)

So, what kind of shopper are you? Do you want to meet other like-minded people who sell pre-loved items? Do you want to get to know local brands that provide eco-friendly gifts? Then visit the Muni Pop-Up Shop this weekend and shop for unique gifts without the guilt! :)

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  1. well im glad you somehow overcome your shopaholic sekf
    hmm if ever i got a job there's a huge posibility that i would be a shopaholic as well