Monday, December 10, 2012 Look: The Unexpected

I wasn't going to post these outfit shots originally because the quality of these shots really isn't that great. However, Gerd saw these photos on my laptop's desktop recently and unexpectedly showered me with a ton of praises on how I looked in them (and it has to be said that he doesn't really praise my looks very often, so this was a big thing! LOL) that I decided to post them after all.

What do you think? :) This is what I wore to the Mega2Mega event, by the way.

Photos by Jacky Moraleda.

red leather pants from Cotton On

floral wedge heels from SM Parisian x Rajo Laurel

What do you think of my pretty shoesies? :) I actually had a very, very hard time deciding which SM Parisian x Rajo Laurel design to get. Originally, I wanted the Samurai one. And then I wanted the silky floral ones with the superhero peg. But I could never pull them off.

In the end, I simply decided on an entirely different one altogether. :p Shoes generally make me crazy, but SM Parisian x Rajo Laurel ones even more so. Still, I don't regret my decision. I love how this pair is still girly, yet not too girly as to compromise my rocker chick-ness.

white sheer top with gold sequins from Lemon Shop
black skinny belt from Forever 21

Speaking of unexpected things, don't you just love unexpected texts? Receiving a text with a name that you haven't seen on your phone in the longest time. Realizing that missing someone isn't a one-way street, after all. Realizing that, for at least a minute, someone thought of you randomly during the day and actually had the decency to check up on you. Don't unexpected texts just make you smile?

When was the last time you checked up on anyone that crossed your mind? I dare you to send an unexpected text and make someone smile right now. Go! :) [ Bonus points if you decide to text me. :p ]