Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chops Chicago Steakhouse: The Ultimate Powerhouse for Steak

The minute you walk into Chops Chicago Steakhouse (located on the 4th floor of Greenbelt 5, Makati), you'll know it isn't any ordinary steakhouse. In fact, the words I would use to describe Chops best would be 'intimidating' and 'powerful' - and I mean that in the best way possible.

Chops generally exudes a masculine vibe with the strong elements of stone, brick and hardwood panels in the restaurant that definitely made me want to don a suit and channel my inner bro.

With its minimal lighting and dark vibe, Chops caters mostly to power lunches, business meetings, gentlemen's nights out, and dinner dates.

Here are some of the dishes that I was able to try out there:

Soup of the Day (P170)

The soup at Chops is made fresh daily and only in small batches.

Shrimp Cocktail (P430)

Definitely one of my favorite starters in account of the fact that it brings together two of my favorite foods: seafood and fruits. <3

Classic Caesar Salad (P285)

Steak and Kidney Pie (currently not on the menu)

I was definitely intrigued by this because it wasn't on the menu yet and I had never tried kidney pie before. Plus, I've always been interested in trying pies ala Sweeney Todd. Haha!

In the end, I must say that kidney pie is an acquired taste, unfortunately. I kinda wish it was heart pie or liver pie instead... But, hey, to each his own!

Skillet Buttered Corn (P180)

This was one of my favorite side dishes, next to the Creamed Spinach. :)

Wisconsin Beef Tenderloin (P850)

Ah, yes. The steak... The steak... Definitely the most perfect part of the entire meal. I usually order my steak Medium Rare, but we were advised that the Medium cooked steak is their specialty and that they ensure that the steak still stays just the right amount of red inside - and it was true. I still have dreams about their steak to this day. Take me on a date there, please!!!

Dark Chocolate Cigars (P290)

Another thing that I have dreams about is their dessert. Chops' Dark Chocolate Cigars are to die for!

Make sure to order Chops' Signature Iced Tea (P110) to cap it all off! Delicious! The best part is that they a have a fast wi-fi connection, a fax machine, a copy machine and a scanner available, as well - everything you need to make your next power lunch an incredibly productive one!

If you have a tight budget, then the Executive Lunch Set Menu would be perfect for you! For only P888, you can get a soup of the day or a caesar salad, a Wisconsin tenderloin steak with siding and sauce, and dark chocolate cigars! They have a kids menu available, too. :)

For more information on Chops Chicago Steakhouse, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter today. :)