Sunday, February 17, 2013

Couple Shots: Proof of Love.

One of the earlier traditions that Gerd and I set together - before we even became a couple! - was to take Instax pictures whenever we saw each other.

Now that we see each other almost everyday, though, that simply isn't a practical thing to do anymore money-wise. :p As such, the edits that he made to our latest couple shots are more than appropriate for this we're-four-months-old post :) Hope you like them!

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Four months! Yay! :D

A lot of people say that they love the rain and then open an umbrella when it rains. A lot of people say that they love the sun and then look for shelter when the sun shines.

Gerd isn't like that. When Gerd says he loves something, he really loves it. The first time that we went to an event together - just the two of us - he told me that he loves Dragon Ball Z. And then he proceeded to show me complete episodes that he had saved in his mobile phone. :p

The last time we were at the Supersale Bazaar, he told me and Tin that he loves hotdogs. And then he proceeded to eat six hotdogs in a row while Googling who invented them, so that he could thank him properly in a tweet. :p

Yes, when Gerd says he loves something, he really, really does - and he does things to prove it, as well.

This is why I feel so blessed and lucky to have him in my life and to have been his girlfriend for the past four months. :)

Bring on the cheese!
Happy four months, weirdo!

Libre mo mamaya ha! :p