Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Boo-Boo!

Today is the day - the ultimate proof that time indeed flies by super fast: Syrena is officially 3 years old.

I am still in utter and complete denial that my baby is no longer a baby, so please bear with me as I go down memory lane with these photos:

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was convinced I was going to have a boy. At the point in time when this ultrasound photo was taken, Syrena was 13 weeks old in my belly and I lovingly called her Tristan Jude. Or TJ. Sometimes, I also called her mushroom, though.

One of the few things that I regret during my pregnancy is not taking photos of pregnant-me. In fact, this is the only photo I have of pregnant-me. Gotta love the quality!

After giving birth - all-natural and without painkillers btw - all I could do after going home is stare at the miracle that I had just created. This is what I practically looked like for 48 hours straight.

After two months, my daughter had transformed into this hairless yet gorgeous creature with tantalizing eyes. I started calling her Toothless coz she looked like Toothless the Dragon.

And in another month, she started doing the Zoolander face.

The only thing that Syrena needs to worry about in terms of sharing my love: Starbucks Java Chip Frappuccino Light.

Rockstar in the making at six months old!

I don't even remember her being this tiny anymore... :(

At 9 months old.

I got really excited when she started getting hair, I would put ribbons and shit on her head all the time. The wire wasn't plugged in, btw. Don't worry. :p

Grow, hair, grow! Grow, hair, grow!
I documented the growth of her hair like crazy! :p

Like mother, like daughter.

Even when I started blogging, Syrena was by my side 24/7. 

And she still is, to this day. Though sometimes just "behind the scenes". :p

Funny how, when she finally grew a proper set of hair, I decided to chop it all off. She's still pretty as ever, though. Don't you agree? :)

Anyway, God knows if you'll ever get to read this blogpost or find it in the archives of the long-lost-and-forgotten World Wide Web ten years from now when you are 13 and officially hating me for telling you to stay away from boys, but in case you do:

I love you, boo-boo.
It will always be me and you against the world.



  1. Oh my tears! Happy birthday, Syrena! :)

  2. you are both beautiful-- happy birthday to your cute little girl!

  3. Shucks, you're making me cry. :(

    Happy birthday to your little girl! :)

  4. Syrena is so adorable...wish you a very happy b'day cutie :*
    God bless you :)

  5. Awww. Sweet! Especially in the last photo <3

    Happy birthday, Syrena :)

  6. belated happy birthday to your lovely Syrena:)

  7. So so so sweet and touching.
    Happy birthday, Syrena!!

  8. Happy Birthday to Syrena! She looks like you, Angeline!