Sunday, February 24, 2013

Freeway’s Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection - Are You Ready for Summer?

Are you ready for summer? Despite the occasional showers of rain within the week, it is pretty clear that summer is almost amongst us, what with everyone getting into the fitness zone and the weather turning the heat up like crazy.

Well, with these summer rituals, there is another one that every woman looks forward to: swimsuit shopping! Woohoo! XD Just check out what Freeway has in store this year with their Summer 2013 Swimsuit Collection out this March:

Very sporty, no? :)

As you can see, Freeway's goal this year is to define the female silhouette and shape with cut-outs, lines and curves that are meant to emphasize and bring out a more confident and sexier woman in you. That is what summer is about, in general, after all.

As for the colors, Freeway's summer collection focuses on bold colors, like red, purple, orange and teal, matching the colorful and vibrant look and feel of the season.

Naturally, you can also turn to Freeway for other trendy summer pieces, like cover-ups, dresses, tops and bottoms perfect for that fun and fresh vibe this summer! :)

So, whether you are sunbathing or partying on the beach, Freeway's summer pieces will easily turn you into a trendsetter. Watch out for these pieces this March! Will definitely be donning a couple of them in Zambales for my birthday! :) Will you?

To view the whole collection, please visit Freeway's official website, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter! You can also add them on Instagram: @FreewayOnline :)

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