Monday, February 11, 2013

Tinkerbell Syndrome

Whereas the Napoleon Syndrome discusses how height can degrade a man, the Tinkerbell Syndrome describes a woman, despite her petite height, who is able to overcome this disadvantage and still succeed in life.

Here's a lil secret: I didn't graduate from college. And the truth is: I don't have any imminent plans to. Now, don't get me wrong. I value education as much as my parents and my grandma do. But it just isn't for me.

This might have something to do with my "international mentality", as they call it, but I strongly believe that people shouldn't be forced into finishing college if they know it's not right for them nor should they be judged based on the educational levels that they attained or failed to attain. Is that wrong?

I have been working since I was 15 years old and never had a problem because of my lack of a college diploma. Why? It's because I already have a lot of experience in my field of work and, I don't mean to sound cocky, but... I'm actually really good at what I do.

If I wasn't doing anything with my life, then I would graciously accept the whispered comments that some people have been sending my way recently; but I've been earning my own money for the past decade. How many other people my age can say the same?

Anyway, it's been a while since I ranted on my blog. I hope that didn't put you off. To clear the air, here are some outfit shots that Gerd took of me last weekend. Can you believe these were just taken with his mobile phone? Amazeballs.

jeans from Penshoppe
boots from S&H

maroon and black tweed blazer from Mango
white shirt from The Perfect White Shirt
black holiday necklace from Crave More

black studded skull rings clutch from Tomato

Success has nothing to do with how many degrees you have or which college you graduated from; it has to do with what you actually accomplished in life, how many times you smiled and made people smile, and how satisfied you are about what you've achieved in life - at least, that's how I see it.

So, don't let anybody get you down.
You are the only one who can truly measure your own success.


  1. Your bag!! <3

    Wala na akong makita sa Tomato stores </3

  2. "Success has nothing to do with how many degrees you have or which college you graduated from;"

    I agree with this!!! You can be successful even if you didn't go to college because it's up to you to work on your future. Bill Gates (or was it Steve Jobs?) didn't even go to college.

    I also really love how you put so much thought and effort into your blog posts! ♥ I learn so much kahit outfit post pa yan! :D

  3. Nice clutch and nice thought! I agree, keri lang naman na walang degree. I guess it will always depend on your determination to succeed ;) I don't have one but I leave my life with everyday satisfaction that is becoming my highest achievement :)

  4. love your tweed blazer Angel!!! :))

    Michael Macalos