Friday, February 22, 2013

DVD Review: Hotel Transylvania by Magnavision

"Hotel Transylvania" is one of those movies that I surprisingly loved. I watched it without really expecting much out of it and I found myself laughing out loud from beginning to end.

The voice talents of "Hotel Transylvania" stand out for various reasons: they are all comedians (Selena Gomez aside - or is she?). So, even if you don't actually see their faces, you can totally imagine Adam Sandler's over-the-top acting as Count Dracula and Andy Samberg's awkward but funny acting as Johnny. And who doesn't love Andy Samberg? Seriously.

However, the characters that truly stand out in this movie are the side characters: the werewolves and their hundreds of baby-werewolves, Frankenstein who clearly still doesn't have a good brain on him, the Invisible Man and that tiny old womanly creature who eats everything, to name a few... No idea who that lady was supposed to be, but her line "I didn't do that" is the most memorable one in the movie for me, aside from the Zing lines.

One reason why I love this movie to bits is because Dracula is a single dad in it. Yes, yes, I can relate. And I am so dreading the day when Syrena is old enough to make her own decisions and leave me alone for good. But, hey, the whole point of the movie is to teach parents to let go and that change is all around us, so the least we can do is embrace it. :) Haha. pretty deep for a cartoon, but that's how cartoons have always been.

I actually know everything that I know from cartoons, comic books and fairy tales.
True story.

Of course, the other reason why I love this movie is because of the subtle cheesiness in it. The big quote of the movie is "You only Zing once in your life." Or... wait for it... YOZO. Chyeah. I totes just did that.

There is also a poem in it that I loved:

Two bats crash in the night.
They felt a Zing! Love at first sight.
They knew from that moment,
they'd be husband and wife.
For a Zing only happens once in your life.

Yayuh! Bring on the cheese!

You guys already know that I've found my Zing. I hope you find yours, too. :) If you still don't get what YOZO or Zing means, then that just goes to show that you have to get a copy of "Hotel Transylvania" at your nearest Astroplus branch soon. Massive thanks to Magnavision for mine! :)

Have you seen "Hotel Transylvania"? What did you think of it? I'd love to know! And tell me about the Zing in your life, if you have one! :) Don't forget to like Magnavision and Sony on Facebook and follow Magnavision and Sony on Twitter btw! :)


  1. watched this last night :) the movie was awesome! :)


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