Monday, February 4, 2013


I am a drama queen. Always have been. Fact.

Up until I was four years old, I didn't have a single picture of me smiling. Fact.

I was part of a legit theater group in Bangkok because, apparently, being a drama queen in real life simply wasn't enough for Lil Miss Dramatic. Fact.

And when I cry or get angry... Man, do I cry and get angry! Makes me feel really sorry for anyone who was around when I was pregnant, anyone who is around when I'm PMS-ing and Gerd. Man, do I feel sorry for Gerd! Haha.

Fortunately, I was in a pretty good mood when he took these outfit photos of me. Forgive the extra weight around my, well, everywhere. Haha. This was around Christmas time! Yes, that's my excuse.

grey vest from Folded and Hung
orange galaxy print skirt from Romwe

Hands down my favorite skirt in my closet! :)

"Angel" bracelet from The Bead Shop
silver spiked bracelet - gift from Sarah Delluta :)
brown braided bracelet - freebie from the special screening of Breaking Dawn: Part 2

I am one of those lucky(?) people whose name is actually a word, so I oftentimes come across cool finds like this bracelet from The Bead Shop, which I absolutely adore. Planning on stocking up on more of these statement bracelets soon! :)

black studded bracelet from House of Luxe
sleeveless collared top from Oxygen
black Infinity necklace from Crave More x Gerd Perez

Out of Gerd's entire accessory collaboration with Crave More, this is definitely my favorite one - and for good reason.

First of all, "infinite" is one of my favorite words. Second of all, I have an infinity tattoo to prove it. And third of all, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" was actually one of the first memorable movies that he and I watched together. #cheeseballs

black spiked flats from S&H

I had been looking for the perfect (and most affordable) spiked flats for the longest time and ended up getting this on a whim when I was walking through Landmark with Gerd one day and my shoes broke.

It didn't take me very long to realize that me + spiked flats don't really get long very well, though, coz I'm one of the most clumsiest girls in the world. Ended up losing a spike and scratching my ankles with them the first time I wore them.

I'm still practicing how to wear these with ease - please bear with me. :(

Although I do still have monthly bouts of crazy mood swings, I am quite proud to announce that the drama in my life is down to a whisper now that I have distanced myself from the babydaddy and the fake people around me.

And, to be honest, I kind of like it this way. :)

I have learned that positivity and happiness really are just states of mind; and if you just decide to be positive and happy, you really can be. :)


  1. I just did a "Miriam Quiambao" this morning so you're not the only clumsy girl here. :P It's nice that you moved away from the people that you don't really need. Surround yourself with people who loves you, drama and all. :)

  2. love the bracelets. i hear you...sometimes it's just hard to smile, but you have a pretty smile!

    i have hurt myself several times with my spiked shoes!