Monday, November 11, 2013 - Hang Out with Us Every Wednesday Night!

I haven't been so excited to share something on my blog for quite a while. I've always been an avid fan of and have always made it a point to help out and support them whenever possible. So, when they asked me to be part of their latest brainchild,, I did not think twice about it. The answer was a definite yes!

In fact, I panicked once - right after I got promoted to Managing Editor on - because I was so busy, I thought I wouldn't have time to be a part of it anymore. But I pushed and cancelled everything on my schedule for this and I'm telling you: I have no regrets.
This is one habit you will be happy to form yourself every Wednesday night at 9pm: :)

In a nutshell, refers to a web show that is a cross between a TV talk+reality show and a podcast. During the show, our blogging barkada will basically introduce you to our world by keeping you up-to-date on the latest gadgets and happenings, touring you around the metro and showing you different things that you need to see and try out, and even teaching you a few nifty DIY projects while we're at it!
Meet the barkada now:

Who hasn't heard of this blogging power couple? These guys have been making people kilig over the Internet for a little over a year now and they just keep getting stronger by the day!

Find out more about this power duo as they talk about love, life and blogging and find out just how makulit they are in real life. Trust me - you'll be surprised! The studio was a bundle of laughter during our shoot last week, thanks to them!

Seph Cham, on the other hand, will be updating you with live tweets, comments and feedback through The Social Hub.

You may be surprised to know that this tall hunk of a man (and special half to Trice Nagusara - sorry, girls! :p) is actually very shy in front of the camera!
Ana Gonzales serves as our resident DIY girl! :)

This means that she will be teaching us all a thing or two in terms of nifty DIY projects. If you haven't checked out her online store yet, then you definitely should. Her wired accessories (amongst other things) are to die for!
Then, of course, there's me and my resident partner-in-crime, Miko Carreon. XD

Words cannot express just how happy I am to be partnered up with one of my bestest friends for this :) I'm sure you'll notice right from the very start that we get along swimmingly together. And, since we generally already try out a ton of random stuff together during our free time, it is only fitting that we will be hosting the on-the-go segment of for you :) 

In our segment, we will take you around the metro and show you how to ukay with style, where to eat on a budget, which gadgets to invest in and where to shed unwanted pounds, amongst other things.

#MikAnj :p will conquer the digital airwaves live every Wednesday, starting November 13 until December 8 (6 episodes) for our maiden season, via Google Hangout & YouTube LIVE. :)

My pretty outfit that didn't make it. :( Lol.

Trying to be a lil serious...

...losing it a lil...

...aaaaand it's completely gone! :p

MadTV will air live at every Wednesday at 9PM starting this November 13, for the newest twist to the blogging community, #madTVph #MikAnj :p

Special thanks to Karl for being so awesome during our taped segments, Patrick for the photos and my handsome co-host Miko for being my better half during the show. Haha.

#MikAnj FTW! :D