Saturday, November 16, 2013


When it comes to guys, most of my friends would say I'm superficial, but come on... WHO ISN'T?!?? :p

Of course, looks aren't everything, though. And I'm really not that picky in that department. All I look for is a guy who is honest, loyal and straightforward. Which makes me wonder why I ever ended up wasting so much time on my two previous relationships. #smh

Aside from those three traits, though, it also important to me that the guy is 1) friends-approved (David and Miko need to like him or no dice!) and 2) baby-approved. If I don't see the smile that can be seen in the following baby-outfit shots, there is no way I am ever going to give that guy the time of day.

Enjoy the cuteness!

Kenzo top and skort from Little Parisians / sandals from Sugarkids / cute genes from her momma :p

Syrena has been choosing her own clothes for about a year now and absolutely refuses to let me dress her. Fortunately, she's got some good taste. I'd like to think she has the same taste in guys. :p

What do you think of this look?