Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Nike Tech Pack Has Got Me Super Excited!!!

Although I didn't really grow up as a Nike girl, the brand is slowly growing on me, especially more so now that they are starting to release innovative and fashionable pieces in the market. Have you seen their tech pack items yet? You'll go gaga!

I think the mere fact that Rafael Nadal wears Nike tech pack products (and looks damn good in them) is enough to make me want to get some for myself. :p #fangirl

Aside from that, though, Nike's revolutionary system also provides a seamless transition from game time on the court or in the gym to off time with the Nike Tech Pack.

Not only does it embrace the modern look of sports nowadays, but it is also sleek, stylish and completely functional to boot.

How nice is this? Seriously. I can already imagine all sorts of different outfits that will go well with Nike's Tech Fleece collection.  It is now available in stores all over the metro, by the way.

I was actually also able to feel and try out the Nike Tech Fleece fabric at a bloggers' get-together recently and I'm telling you: the classic material used feels so incredibly soft, you'll not want to take it off at all anymore.

Since Nike understands the how athletes perform on court and off court, the Nike Tech Fleece fabric combines the best of what performance apparel can provide: ultimate lightweight warmth and smooth response to natural motions.

Aside from being functional, the Nike Tech Fleece apparel also has a streamlined look inside and outside that truly captures what the collection is all about.

I'm pretty excited to get my hands on the Nike Tech Fleece Windrunner myself. I think my only problem right now is which color to get it in. :p