Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Lies We Tell

I completely forgot I had these photos. They were taken by Miko in Baguio, which seems like ages ago.

I spent most of that short trip laughing and forgetting the world, but I also spent some of it wondering why relationships start with so much joy, happiness, passion and sex just to turn to utter nothingness a few months later down the line.

How do people stay in love for more than 365 days? How did Tom Hansen love Summer Finn for 500 whole days? Geez. That's like a lifetime. It's insane.

Anyway, during that trip, I wanted to channel those emo feelings in my outfit shots. And I think I succeeded with the one with the animal coat and the one at the staircase. I almost succeeded with this one, too. Just almost, though. Check it out:

black jacket from Folded & Hung / superhero top from Seraphim / black boots from SM Parisian

As you can see, things started out fine. We were outside of a haunted house. We had the Twilight-esque trees in the background, the rain-stained lamplight, the fog...

But I also had the boys with me. And this is what usually happens to me when they're around:

The giggles start uncontrollably and my eye dimples come out. Lol. But I guess that's a good thing, eh? Nothing like great company to keep your mind off of a bad cake-filled breakup.

Looking back on that trip and all of the shenanigans we went up to, it's hard not to smile and be grateful to be blessed with such awesome friends.

If only relationships could last as long as friendships, huh?

"In the darkness, afterwards, she would hold him very tightly, and her long brown curls would tumble over his chest, and she would whisper to him how much she loved him, and he would tell her he loved her and always wanted to be with her, and they both believed it to be true."

- "Neverwhere", Neil Gaiman


  1. >:)< hugs!

    PS. youve got a beautiful smile!

    the teenage queen

  2. Sorry to hear bout that. *cyber hug* Btw, I super love your tee, and your shoes rock!! Truly an eye-catching outfit! ♥♥♥