Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Asprey: Tell Time in Style

Time is gold. I don't know about you, but I pride myself on always being on time - if not early. When it comes to events, I am usually the first one there and when I meet up with friends, I am  usually the nagging one who texts "Where are you?" or "Are you almost here?" every 5 minutes coz I'm early and bored.

Sadly, it is only recently that I have realized the importance of having a watch. I used to always rely on Zac (my Blackberry) for the time; but with so many emails coming in lately, it usually gets drained before the day is even over and a watch is now of the utmost necessity.

A watch can get boring if you only have one, though, and it can be hard to make a fashion statement if you wear it over and over again. So, when I heard about Asprey's watch straps, I instantly sat up and took notice.

Thanks to Asprey's watch straps, it is now possible to stock up on different colors and designs to match your mood, personality and outfit.

So, whether you need something funky to jazz up a casual outfit or something elegant for a romantic night out, you can turn to Asprey for all of your timepiece needs.

Top bloggers David Guison and Lissa Kahayon wearing Asprey watch straps.

Asprey offers a lot of colors and designs for you to choose from, including detachable straps, leather atraps, silicon straps, and nylon-made straps. Their qualified technicians can also help you replace worn out batteries and straps in no time, if you need them to.

The best part is that most of Asprey's leather straps are made out of genuine Italian calf leather yet are very affordable, so you can be sure that they will last a long time without breaking the bank.

So, if you want to jazz up an existing watch or plan on buying a new one but aren't happy with the strap, why not turn to Asprey and tell time in style? :) I can't wait to get my hands on the yellow one - what about you? :)


  1. yes, with technology nowadays, people don't wear watches, but i have to wear a watch. and i like watches! although i have quite a few, i usually have a "signature" one that i wear all the time, then when the battery dies i buy a new one, haha!


  2. This is perfect! I have watches that has straps that need to be replaced. However hindi ko type ang mga available na straps ni Manong sa watch repair sa kanto namin. Haha! =)
    I'm definitely checking this out.