Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Enjoy and Relax at Il Terrazzo!

I know the rain is currently getting everyone down, but this is one of the few times where I actually have time to blog and get my mind off of things, so I'm gonna blog. Please don't hate.

Besides, what's wrong with blogging and daydreaming a little bit right now?

At the moment, I'm daydreaming about better days when the sun finally shines and everyone goes back to their regular habits. I miss going out and seeing my friends (I don't do well in enclosed spaces. In fact, I'm claustrophobic.), watching movies, eating out, and shopping (I am also superficial. Sorry.)

Because of this, one of the places that I'm excited to go back to after the rain stops is Il Terrazzo.

Il Terrazzo is located in Tomas Morato and has various restaurants, beauty centers, fitness centers, and specialty shops available, as well as an events place and a supermarket. It is probably the most complete lifestyle hub in the metro today since it has everything you could possibly need to enjoy and relax.

Sushi lovers can dine at Omakase, while milk tea lovers can indulge at Gong Cha. If you need something to satiate your sweet tooth, there's Banapple. And if you want to exercise your mind and body, there's Beyond Yoga.

You can also get a beauty makeover at The Lash Bar or Sexy Solutions or splurge on your favorite gadgets at Digital Hub.

You can also host and plan an event at The Ariato Function Center. And if you need groceries, Rustan's Supermarket is always open for you, too!

As you can see, Il Terrazzo isn't just hip; it also has everything you could possibly need to suit your personal lifestyle. I can't wait to go back after this crazy rain. For now, though, stay safe, okay!

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  1. It's too far from me.

    (Honestly, think it's ok to post a non-rain or flood-related blog post. As I am taking a break from cleaning the floor from drops of water from the ceiling, it's nice to read something else)