Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shop at the MaARTe 2012: Artisans Fair This Weekend!

Are you proud to be Filipino? Do you love Filipino arts and crafts?

Well, this weekend (August 24 to August 26, 2012), there will be an exhibition and sale of outstanding Filipino Arts and Crafts at Rockwell called MaARTe 2012 that you can shop at to get unique Pinoy finds at affordable prices.

At this fair, more than 40 cultural entrepreneurs, jewelers, home accessory and fashion designers will showcase the very best of Filipino arts and crafts with the aim to make artisanal Philippine products more accessible to the general public.

Since artisanal products are made by hand, they aren't made in huge quantities and are only available to those who know about them. Thanks to MaARTe, though, everyone can now be exposed to the beautiful works of Filipino artisans. Here are just some of the awesome things you will be able to find there:

starfish toys

batik boleros

cameo jewelry

handpainted shawls

filigree hoop earrings

You will also be able to find the National Artist Collectors' Series of Freeway at MaARTe this weekend, including the latest Levi Celerio pieces.

I'll definitely be dropping by the fair this weekend! Will you? :) Confirm your attendance here!