Monday, August 20, 2012 Look: Out of Control

I apologize in advance. I already know, before even writing this blog post, that it will turn more into a rant than having anything to do with my outfit.

Call me a control freak, but I like being in control.

Now, I don't mean that in the dirty 50 Shades of Grey way, I just mean that in the I-like-knowing-that-the-outcome-of-things-is-in-my-grasp way.

This is the reason why I always take the lead and I always make decisions. So that, if something goes wrong, I won't get angry at anyone else but myself for the failure that ensued.

Unfortunately, there are times - like today - where being in control simply isn't possible. But we'll get to that later.

For now, here's a long-lost outfit post that the babydaddy took of me one random night before I headed to Jamba Juice in Alabang Town Center to meet my Southern buddies Jacob, Megann and Verge.

white floral top from Forever 21
beige scaly cover-up from Bangkok

Wonder Woman sneakers from Converse 

black sunglasses from Hang Ten
peach lizard ring from House of Luxe

So... The babydaddy came back from Ohio today after being away for 5 weeks on a business trip, and he casually broke the news to me that he was moving to Cebu. For good.

Obviously, since his decision is his own, there is nothing I can do to change his mind. See, I'm no Jean Grey. Also, I know that I pretty much relinquished the right to persuade him to stay when we broke up and the fact that I can't do anything about this really, really, really frustrates me.

I've been crying for a good three hours now, trying to figure out what made him decide to pack up and leave, especially after he had just made me watch this heart-wrenching YouTube video. What saddens me the most is the fact that he won't be able to watch Syrena grow up. Even though he and I are just friends, I always envisioned him being there for every step of her life and now he just... won't be.

Wow. This turned really personal really quickly. But yeah. I'd better stop. For the first time in my life, I don't actually know how to end my blogpost, so I'll just leave it hanging like


  1. Hey, Miss angeline. I think you need a hug >:(<

    I really pray that everything will be all better soon. Don't worry, because, as cliche as it may sound, everything really does happen for a reason. All we need to do is to have faith.

    We love you :)

    a reader who looks up to you for being so strong,

  2. Awww Angel... let me give you a warm hug! Just hold on and pray.


  3. And here I was about to start a dramatic post about my Mr.M. Virtual hugs for strong mommies!

  4. Love the skirt. I'm stalking you with my new blogger account. :)

  5. Tough times never last, but tough people do :)
    Awwww. be strong! dahil ikaw si Wonder Woman ^__^
    God is always there to listen..

    Michael Macalos :)