Saturday, August 18, 2012 Look: If I Was Your Girlfriend

Yes, I am a Belieber. My title doesn't need more of an explanation than that, really.

However, I did watch The Vow recently and I am so in-like right now, I'm actually going to go on a tirade on what I would do if I was your girlfriend. ;) That, and the fact that I narrated this to a friend on a wine-induced tummy last night and want to remember my hour of drunken cheesiness for as long as the Internet is around.

"If I was your girlfriend, I would make sure you get a weekly dose of your favorite food (I wouldn't cook, it of course. I don't wanna poison you. We'd eat out!). I would let you play video games for as long as you want to without complaints (provided I get to do the same without complaints). I would start watching your favorite television shows to understand you better (I won't pretend to like them, of course; but knowing our tastes, I prolly will). I would make it a point to give you a supply of your peculiar vices/addictions on a regular basis (mostly for my personal entertainment, really). I would promise not to be as cheesy as this. Ever. Again. :p"

And now onto the happy, happy I'm-a-girly-girl photos:

floral dress from Hang Ten
Check out the real me my edgier take on this dress here.

brown belt from Bangkok

Wonder Woman sneakers from Converse

mustache necklace from Bangkok
white Hello Kitty glasses from Bangkok

black mustache ring from Junk Studio
(Yes, yes. I'm a dork. I know.)

beige owl bracelet from House of Luxe
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Why do I look like a girly girl in these photos? Well, Catch once pointed out that I am a bro and then I realized that this is prolly the reason why I'm single. And, so, the girly girl project began.

Basically, every once in a while every time I know I'm going to see my crush, I don a girly girl outfit to check whether he responds to it well. So far, I've worn girly girl outfits three times and each time I have, something happened and I didn't get to see him.

I have decided this is God's way of saying that I am not meant to be a girly girl.

Therefore, the girly girl project is officially closed.


  1. Nice look! :D

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  2. Haha I love everything you've written here :) and the dorky photos as well!!


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  3. hahah loved your cat comment xx

  4. Cute! =)


  5. be yourself. a true man will accept the real you.

  6. Hello dear,
    thnks for your lovely comment
    followed you on gfc
    hope you follow back

  7. Aww, no more girly girl project? Hahaha. Rock on then! ;)

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  8. I love the way you write! Your rants never fail to make me giggle (and I meant that in a good way!) <3

    And I love the photos! ahh you're so pretty! I could honestly say that you worked the look! :) And I love the dress! ;) <3


  9. lolz! your girly girl project story made my day and oh i want the mustache necklace!

  10. Too bad your crush didn't get to see how beautiful you were on those girly girl outfits :(