Sunday, August 12, 2012

Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

If there's one thing my girl friends make fun of me for, it's my taste in Hollywood actors. I remember one night in my most recent trip to Bangkok, I was listing all of my Hollywood crushes (Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Ewan McGregor, Andrew Garfield... before he was Spider-Man!, Jason Segel, etc.) and they were all laughing at me when my friend Tom - bless his soul - interjected and said, "This is why I love Anj. She doesn't go for looks. She goes for talent." BOOM, bitches!

Incidentally, Tom looks like a lot like Jeremy Renner. And Jeremy Renner has a new movie out called "The Bourne Legacy". Also incidentally, I missed stalking seeing Jeremy Renner when he was in Manila because I was in Bangkok on the aforementioned trip. It's all good, though. Coz I caught the movie at the cinemas yesterday. And it wasn't that great. I mean, it was good. But it wasn't great.

Let's get into that, shall we?

1. It's a bit dragging and confusing in the beginning. Or was that just me not paying attention because I was overthinking something in the cinema yesterday? Also, wow, Edward Norton's old now, man. Like, OOOOOLD.

2. Why is it called "The Bourne Legacy", if Jason Bourne isn't even in it? Surely, it should be called "The Cross Legacy". Or, at least "The Bourne Legacy: Aaron Cross". Matt Damon isn't in this, ladies. If you love him as much as I do, you will need to understand that. Fortunately, I love Jeremy Renner, too, so it wasn't too heartbreaking for me.

3. What's with all the product placement? Chowking, GSM, Absolute? And the misinterpretation of our country? I remember an incident when I first moved here and there were hostages in a bus... why weren't the cops as efficient then as they were in the movie? Coz, uhm... they aren't. People are gonna think we're cool when we're not. Be yourself, Philippines. :p

And now for the good things...

1. The action sequences were amazing. I actually thought to myself, "I want to join Jacky in her parkour training now". :p Sadly, there weren't enough action scenes to my liking, though.

2. Virginia (my birth place), Bangkok (the place I lived in the longest), and Manila (my current place of residence) are all in it. And Jeremy Renner.

3. Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner, Jeremy Renner. Ahhh. I officially fell in love with this man in "Mission Impossible 4" and he kicks major butt in this movie. He's just a pure true-blue killing machine and he does it so quickly, efficiently and so hot-ly (for lack of a better term). I was biting my lip throughout most of the movie coz I wanted to just pull him out of the screen and take him home. I cannot wait for him to take over Ethan Hunt's shoes next!!!

Sadly, this movie didn't really have an arc or a climax. It was just a series of events without a proper plot/story/ending. AND THERE WASN'T EVEN A KISS!!! :p

I'd give the movie 3 popcorns out of 5 because its action scenes were cool and the cast was good. But I prolly wouldn't watch it again, if I had a choice. Matt Damon's Bourne movies were much better. Totes stealing my dad's Bourne DVDs tonight. Bwahaha.

Have you seen "The Bourne Legacy" yet? What did you think of it?


  1. Haven't seen it yet but I've heard of similar feedback like yours. Most of it were, "Tapos na?" ahaha. I would still watch it though because it's BOURNE LEGACY for cryin' out loud. I did have an inkling that Matt Damon's Bourne movies couldn't be topped. I miss Matt Damon. I wish I had Bourne DVDs to steal, too. :P

  2. Haven't seen it, was planning to but I was discouraged by the reviews. Anyhoo, I should watch this since Manila was featured. :P

  3. wish it were given proper ending at least.. para kasing bitin! hahaha ;P but i love jeremy renner so i'm all good :P

  4. haven't seen the movie yet, but i want to (probably just download or later on DVD/HBO/Star Movies) because i heard somebody says "putangina" in the movie. hahaha!

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  5. I was also lost in the beginning. I thought I was just stupid for a min there. Hahaha! Too much was happening in just pieces, so that's why it was so confusing. Watching it also made me think about how possible and often it is with Hollywood films that include another country to include local speaking scenes using unusual/uncommon terms or ways of conversing. Okay, I couldn't properly phrase what I was trying to say, but yeah, the whole thing with "we don't talk like that!" Hahaha.

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  6. I honestly didn't understand what was going on in the first part of the movie. I watched just to see the Manila scene. I haven't watched the other Bourne movies pa. And I was surprised, ending na pala 'yung ending.

  7. All of the action in the last 30 minutes really does make up for the slow start and that was one of the most thrilling aspects of this movie. Other than the fact that Aaron Cross wasn’t the type of character you messed with, regardless of whether or not his name was Jason Bourne. Great review.

  8. I super love the Bourne films, but for this based on reviews hmmmm will wait for dvd release hehe i like to see the scenes here in PH

  9. i havent seen this movie maybe this weekend

  10. I love the movie. =)