Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Forque: A Taste of Lavish European Comfort Food

This restaurant review is waaaaay overdue, I know. (Sorry, Bea!) I have personal reasons as to why I didn't post this sooner; but now that I'm over those reasons completely, I am proud to blog about one of the most understated yet well-worth-it restaurants in Makati today: Forque.

Forque is located along Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Road) and provides different dishes from different European cuisines that are sure to satisfy your palette.

Since I actually grew up in Europe (Germany, mostly), I was really looking forward to filling up my stomach with a ton of European food for a change.

I fell in love with Forque the minute I walked into the restaurant. The walls were a beautiful shade of red - a color I have always wanted to paint my room in. I also loved the artwork and the dimly-lit ambience. Perfect for dates and intimate gatherings with friends.

Naturally, I brought my best friend and favorite food buddy, Jacob Gayanelo, with me to experience the whole thing. We were there bright and early - can you tell from the photo? Haha. In fact, we were so early, Bea Munoz, the chef, wasn't even there yet.

So, to bide the time, we took outfit shots (separate post on that later) and Jacob took some more of his signature artsy fartsy shots:

Forque. Lol. Geddit? :p

We eventually sat down after Bea called in several food orders for us (so nice and accommodating!) and got ready to feast!

Boom. Signature smile.

We started off with drinks...

Forque Iced Tea (Php120)

I loved this drink. It was refreshing, sweet and definitely unique, but being the alcoholic alcohol lover that I am, I would recommend these more:

Flavored Mojitos (Kiwi, Peach, Banana and Plain)

As mentioned before, Jacob and I always tend to taste the mojitos at various restaurants; so when Bea suggested we try out their different mojito flavors, we didn't hesitate to say yes. Naturally, since our tastes always differ, Jacob's favorite was the peach one and I loved the kiwi one.

And then we got to the appetizers...

Forque's Stuffed Balls (Php310)

Obviously, I loved these. There's just something about potato balls that strike my fancy.

Brushetta Three Ways (Php275)

Again, our tastes differed here. Jacob loved the one with shitake mushrooms, but I loved the one with the tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.

Classic Onion Soup (Php190)

The onion soup would definitely be a feel-good soup for onion lovers. Since I'm not an onion lover, though, I'm looking forward to trying out some of their other soups next time - maybe earthy potato chowder or roasted pumpkin! :)

Now onto the salads...

Sophia's Salad

This salad was new and wasn't even on the menu yet. When Bea arrived later on, she told us that she had just given birth a few days ago to a baby girl named Sophia! (She didn't look like she just gave birth, just FYI. Totally unfair! Lol.) Thus the name of this delectable dish. Hands down the best salad I have ever tasted so far in Manila! Of course, Jacob disagreed coz he liked this one better:

Blacked Tuna Salad (Php325)

He likes seared ahi tuna. Go figure! :p

My stomach was already struggling to keep up by this point, but I'm not one to give up, so here is the main dish that we had:

Lamb Chops (Php547)

This was Jacob's favorite part of the meal and it was indeed very good. However, I was more drawn to the potato side dish that came with the lamb chops. Now that was delicious! I would go back to Forque for that alone. Haha. What is it with me and Forque's potato dishes???

And now on to my favorite part: dessert! :D

Turones with Latik and Pili (Php100)

If you're not particularly hungry and are just craving for something sweet or if you're looking for an affordable dessert place, then Forque will work out just fine for you. Their turones are delicious and they've got this one dessert that will simply blow your mind:

Forque's Special (Php275)

Believe it or not, Bea came up with the Forque's Special by accident - just by mixing random ingredients together. Who knew that caramel popcorn, orange juice, strawberry syrup, ice cream and a cherry could end up tasting so incredibly good?

Forque can easily fit up to 35 people and with their great selection of alcoholic drinks, it proves to be a great place or lunch, dinner, drinks or dessert. You can even rent out the whole place for a party or an event, if you want. Acoustic night, anyone? ;)

To be honest, I just want to go back for the desserts right now. I'm so easy to please. Haha. So, if you're a blogger and are interested in reviewing Forque for yourself, leave a comment below and I'll try to arrange something for you. :)

For now, don't forget to like Forque on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! :)


  1. I should try this soon! :) Yeah, I want to review Forque too. :P

  2. Such an inspiring blog! The foods looks great! Makes me hungry ;) Following you via GFC!

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  3. Love onion soup! Their's looks so good. Love it with melted cheese on top. Yum! =)

  4. I'have been foru times in Manila and in a month I'm moving to Philippines capital for some years... can't wait to discover this new spot!!!!