Monday, August 13, 2012

My Epic Month with Izumi Sake Bar

Can I just start this blogpost with a shoutout to Miko Carreon, who introduced me to Izumi Sake Bar and who is, in turn, the reason behind some of the best nights that I had last month? Thank you, Miko! He just joined Top Blogs, by the way, so please show him some love! :D KEEP CALM AND CARREON!

Anyway, as I just said: I was introduced to Izumi Sake Bar last month, which is located in Burgos Circle, The Fort, along the street right past Coffee Bean.

I had just come from a girly spa sesh at Pink Me Up that day, and I really wasn't up for partying, but the minute I set foot into Izumi, I realized that I had nothing to worry about. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was cozy and intimate - just the way I like it!, and the drinks were strong - also the way I like it! No joke: I had two vodka-cranberries and this is what happened to me:

(That's me air-kissing Miko!)

Fun times! I also met some amazing new people, including MJ who was incredibly nice and accommodating, and Bea, who is just too cute for words.

Since I loved my first visit so much, it really should come as no surprise that I invited Lana for some drinks there the following week to catch up and talk business:

Lana confirmed that the drinks were indeed strong (I'm not just a lightweight! lol) and we ended the night in Resorts World.

Now, my most epic night there so far, though, would be the Friday when Miko hosted the party. I invited a few friends, he invited a few friends, new friends were made, two bottles were devoured and other events transpired that I would really rather not re-hash right now, but trust me when I say: we all had a great time. :p

Thanks for coming, Jacky! :) Even though you were really, really, super kaduper late. :p

The night really began when we opened the second bottle. Clearly. :p

I just had to post this photo. Sorry. Inside joke?

I actually thought my crazy Izumi nights would end there because I was officially going back to single motherhood after that(my parents had the lil one for a while), but then MJ asked me and Miko to invite some of our blogger friends to a special bloggers' night at Izumi, where - instead of going nuts with the alcohol and having crazy fun - we went nuts on the food.

I'll be blogging about that very soon, but here are the awesome people that we invited and who didn't let us down:

Thanks for being there, guys! Special thanks to Jacky and Izumi Sake Bar for the photos in this blogpost, too. Can't wait to blog about the food next! :)

For now, though, like Izumi Sake Bar on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and join me in my Izumi craze! :D


  1. Lovely post sweetie! Glad you had fun!:)

  2. Looks like a great time!! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other?

  3. it's such a beautiful place!
    can't wait to see more of it.
    It seems that you really had a lot of fun!

    Dont forget to like my Facebook page too!

  4. not everyone can pull out such hairstyle! pero sayo bonggang bongga xa. very edgy but still very gorgeous... too cool! :)))