Friday, October 28, 2011

Store in Focus: Proud Mama Store

Dear mommies and daddies,

Do your kids love to dress up? I'm sure they do. But instead of going the extra hundred miles by buying them fairy wings or dinosaur costumes - most of which get worn down or break after about two weeks of excessive wear anyway - why not make things easier on yourself and on your wallet by buying a Tee Hee shirt from Proud Mama Store instead?

Do not be fooled by the angry look on her face. She was just angry because I interrupted her playtime with daddy for some pictures!

When I first got the pink racerback Fairy shirt for Syrena, it didn't fit her yet, so it took me a while to blog about it. Now that it fits her, though, she refuses to take it off!

Fortunately, Tee Hee shirts aren't just comfortable; they are very durable, too. Syrena has rolled around in hers and gotten her wings stuck in a door, but they are still alive and fluttering (okay, not literally, but still).

Although the wings do get bent into different directions sometimes, they are easy to bend back and although it might be hard to get your kids to take these shirts off every now and then, they are easy to clean, too. Two thumbs up, Proud Mama!

There are four different Tee Hee shirts available for 2-year-olds to 6-year-olds: Dinosaur, Shark, Butterfly and Fairy. They are also available in different colors, and in different shirt types - from racerback tops to regular shirts. See the complete collection here.

Aside from these playful shirts, Sheryll and Riana - the brainchildren of the shirts - also make other mommy-and-baby products, including adorable Funky Feet not-quite-shoes (which Syrena is sadly too old for now), Funkytubes playsleeves, car seat slip covers, and anti-mosquito patches. To see everything that Proud Mama Store has to offer, just visit their Multiply store. You can also like their Facebook page here.

Thank you so much, Manila Fashion Observer and Proud Mama Store for Syrena's pretty fairy shirt! :)


  1. Your daughter is so cute with those wings! I hope she has a great time on Halloween :D

  2. Adorbs! Cute how she doesn't want to take it off :)

  3. Soooooooo cute! Love it! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Cuuutie Syrena!! If only I could squeeze her right now!!! ♥


  5. Awww, she looked adorable! Very cute with those tiny pink wings. :)

  6. Syrena!!! Hope to meet you soon baby love~

  7. so cute! i should get one for nikola! :)

    last day to join my giveaway!!!

  8. So cute and your little one is adorable:) Thank you for sharing!