Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Movies to Watch Out For!

I can't believe the last movie that I watched in the cinemas was "Fright Night". Granted, I was in Ireland for two weeks, but still. That's just appalling.

I can't believe I missed out on "Abduction" and "Contagion" and still haven't seen "What's Your Number?" or "No Other Woman" (Yes, that last one's a Filipino movie... Number of Filipino movies I've seen in my lifetime? One.)

I need to do something about this, I've decided. In fact, I might watch two movies tomorrow to make up for it. We'll see. Anyway, here are the must-see movies for this month:

Out since October 5: What's Your Number?

This movie... This movie... Story of my life. I think. I haven't seen it yet. But it sure sounds like it could be.

The plot: Ally Darling has 20 ex-boyfriends and thinks that she doesn't have any hopes of getting married unless she marries one of her exes. How can I relate? Well, we'll get to that when I write my movie review after I see the movie. ;)

The verdict: Let me put it this way: when has Anna Faris ever disappointed anyone with her movies? ...Maybe I'm just easy to please.

October 12: 30 Minutes or Less

Jesse Eisenberg is back with a vengeance. And I am more than excited to see him on the big screen again.

The plot: Two wannabe bank robbers (Danny McBride from "Pineapple Express" fame and Nick Swardson) kidnap a pizza delivery guy (Eisenberg) and make him rob the bank. Oh, they also strap a bomb to his chest and give him a time limit to do so.

The verdict: I'm not quite sure yet, but this sounds like it's going to be filled with a lot of action and hilarious moments. Oh, I hope, I hope. And with Robin Fleischer ("Zombieland") directing it, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be awesooooome!

October 19: The Three Musketeers

Another Hollywood remake. Surprise, surprise! I'm not really sure why they felt the need to remake this since the 1993 version with Chris O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Tim Curry and Rebecca De Mornay was pretty freaking good as far as I can remember and the fact that the three musketeers in "The Man in the Iron Mask" are pretty much unbeatable; but hey, let's just chalk it up to the un-creative minds of the people in Hollywood nowadays.

The plot: We all know it. The three musketeers have to defeat someone big, bad and powerful, but D'Artagnan is being all hot-headed and rebellious about it and make things more difficult than they should have been.

The verdict: Logan Lerman in Chris O'Donnell's place, people I don't really care about as the three musketeers, Christoph Waltz in Tim Curry's place and Milla Jovovich in Rebecca De Mornay's place... Hmm. Well done on the villains, not too well done on the good guys. And what's this? They randomly throw Orlando Bloom in the mix? Interesting. This might be good. Maybe.

October 28: In Time

Admit it. You want to see what J.T. is up to again this time. And Amanda Seyfriend is always good to watch, too.

The plot: Some time in the future, people reach the age of 25 and stop aging. However, they need to work in order to buy themselves more time to live.

The verdict: I think the plot, the cast and the movie poster say it all. Must. Watch. Did I mention that Olivia Wilde ("Tron: Legacy"), Alex Pettyfer ("Beastly"), Johnny Galecki ("Big Bang Theory") and Cillian Murphy ("Inception") are all in this, too? Chyeah.

Are you excited to see any of these movies? Which ones will you be catching in the cinemas this month? Tell me! :)


  1. What's your number is a nice movie to watch although medyo may hint na ako sa magiging ending.. I can't help it but admire Chris. Hehe,, magtatampo na naman asawa ko nito.. :D

  2. I;m looking forward to watch What's Your Number and the Three Musketeers. In Time seems appealing too. Actually, anything w/ Alex Pettyfer is appealing to me! Haha.

  3. I love Anna Faris In What's Your Number... But I love Chris Evans more! This movie made me fall in love with Cap't America again!
    You got a great list there.

  4. I think What's your number is the right film for me! I like funny movies!
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    Cosa mi metto???

  5. want to watch what's your number :)

  6. Feeling in the mood for a movie tonight actually with this terrible rainy stormy weather!!! What else is there to do?? hahaha

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  7. i really wanna se the 3 muskateers, the other ones look also good!