Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trendsetter's Bazaar + Happy Lemon + Beer Paradise

Last Saturday - oh my God, my backlogs have already reached 6 days! :( - I dropped by the Fashionpalooza Trendsetter's Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent to give Keigh her ticket and her Keep GC's, and to pick up my giveaways sponsored by Impulse Co., as well. (Join my latest giveaway here!)

The very pretty Keigh - visit her blog here!

(Photo taken from Keigh's blog)

Of course, I walked around to see what I could get, too, but everything was out of my price range, so all I got were some Keep shoes for Syrena, a samurai sword for the babydaddy (he practically begged for it!) and a handheld mirror with lights on the side ala beauty mirrors for me! I also got a new bag from Impulse Co. :)

What I loved most about that day, though, was that Keigh introduced me to Happy Lemon, so I finally got to try out their delicious Green Tea with Cheese and Rocksalt. I know it sounds weird, but I'm a cheese ADDICT, so it was the perfect drink for me.

Even Henry loved it - and I can usually never get him to try anything new.

Thank you for taking our pictures, Henry! :) As Keigh said, you're learning how to work the angles now. Haha.

At the end of the day, I also went to Beer Paradise in Polaris street for some drinks and two hours of pool with Henry's work buddies, Jay, Stefan and Ken.

Jay with his "Screaming Orgasm"

They claimed to have 100 different kinds of beers at Beer Paradise - including chocolate beer - but they only had a handful... and no chocolate beer, to boot.

Still, it was great fun finally being able to play pool after almost three years of not holding a pool stick.

Does anyone know of a good pool place here in Manila? Please share! :)


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