Monday, October 3, 2011

Do You Want a BlackBerry Cassette-Themed Case?

May I just start by saying that, when I bought this, I had no idea it was so in-demand in the BB user world? Lol.

Originally, I was just looking for any Blackberry case, really, because I didn't want to use mine and scratch it up on my first day of using it - which, knowing klutzy me, was totally possible.

And then I saw these cassette-themed cases and thought "Oh my God. This is so totally me." Voila. Troy had a new piece of clothing.

Soon after that, Ava BBM-ed me about it. And then Cheska BBM-ed me about it. And then people started commenting on my blog and asking about it.

So… what the heck.

If you want your own BB cassette-themed case, please email your color and BB model requests along with your name and BB pin to and I will see if I can find what you want for you. :)

The plan is as follows: I will be going to the shop sometime this week and will send the photos to you through BBM and order them if you like them. :)

P.S. You're welcome. :p


  1. do they have other designs aside from cassette?

  2. This is such a clever design, one of my favorite phone housing :)

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  3. hahaha i love you for getting me one!:)