Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beware the Puerto Del Sol Raffle Scam

While at the 2nd Mega Brands Sale at Megamall on Saturday, the babydaddy was approached by a lady who asked him to join a raffle draw. I thought that was a bit odd since we didn't buy anything from her and she didn't seem to have a booth anywhere - Henry filled up the stubs using the lady's palm as a table, for G's sake - I just chalked it up to regular Mega Brands Sales behavior, though. I was wrong.

Today, we got a text message that read:
"Good Day! This is regarding your participation during our promotional exhibit held at MEGA BRAND SALE). We have good news for u. Your name has been selected.You will received the GIFT CERTIFICATE,FREE HOTEL ACCOMODATION FOR 3DAYS & 2NIGHTS stay in our very own PUERTO DEL SOL in BOLINAO PANGASINAN,BORACAY, BOHOL, PALAWAN,CEBU, DAVAO & CAMSUR. for more info. Please call us at 6361860 or 6362883 ...look ms april nacis."

Although it kind of sounded awesome, I'm no newbie to winning things. In fact, I'm quite lucky when it comes to winning things, so I'm practically a pro in that department.

1. If the company is legit, they won't have that many grammar mistakes or spelling mistakes in a text message. And they won't be jejemon-ing it (u instead of you, etc).

2. If the company is legit, they won't just send a text message. They will always call to confirm who you are.

3. If I am doubting you, Google will always be there to help me out.

And since I raised my eyebrows because of 1 and 2, I decided to turn to Google. When I couldn't find Puerto Del Sol resorts in any of the destinations mentioned, I entered the text message content into the search engine and voila: I found this.

Just as I thought, it was nothing but a scam. I'm so glad I did my research first.

The moral of the story? Google is God in disguise. If you don't trust your instincts, trust the G. It has never let me down.


  1. Woah, good thing you dodged a bullet! Thanks for this! :)

  2. the company may be legit but their marketing strategy sucks big time!

  3. Damn! People will do just about anything these days so they can take advantage of other people.. :( Good thing you guys researched first..

  4. thanks for this blog post! i had to google to verify if it's legit or not.. got the same text yesterday from carla mae madrid, 09176622019.

  5. I also received a very similar message this morning. But after doing some research and have read shocking stories online (including yours), we’d rather not go to Renaissance 2000 tomorrow.

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