Monday, October 3, 2011

Want to Join the Laura Mercier Workshop?

I wish I had a Time-Turner right now. That way, I'd be able to go to all three events that are happening this Friday. :(

Unfortunately, I can only go to one, and I chose this:

The Laura Mercier Flawless Face Workshop, happening at the Laura Mercier Boutique in Rustan's Makati at 5:30pm with international makeup artist Jeffrey Tasker.

There are several slots reserved for me right now, so if you are interested in going, please comment and let me know. :)

Aside from learning from one of the industry's best, there is apparently also a special surprise in store for the attendees! I'm excited! Are you? :)

Aside from that, Cali Swag District will be at Republiq, Resorts World at 9pm this Friday, as well!!!

The baby daddy has been asking me to teach him how to dougie for days now and this would have been the awesomest event to go to with him. :( Can't believe I'm missing this...

If you're free on Friday and want to learn how to dougie from the best, though, then go to Republiq! Tickets are priced at Php1,500. :)

I'm also missing out on the blogger's event at Il Mercanti at Metrowalk that Genn invited me to, by the way. :( Haaay. Why did all of these events have to be on the same night?


  1. Hi Wonder Wonman,
    If only I was in the area! Sounds like a great workshop.

  2. I don't even know how to dougie. lol!!

  3. would love to attend the Laura Mercier workshop :)

  4. I think you can follow @ Il Mercanti after your workshop. For sure we'll still be there... =)

  5. Wish you were here! It's the season of great events :)

    Fashion Blogger

  6. I would love to attend ;)
    But yeah!
    uhm awsome post as always ;)

  7. I would love to go to Laura Mercier with you! Wow that'll be so nice, learning from the pro. :) Thanks!
    Mars of fashion insouciance

  8. Wow!Love to go =)
    xoxo, Lala