Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mega Brands Sale: Things I Wanted But Didn't Get

Poof. Thousands of pesos. Gone. In almost a flash. Okay, in about three hours. But still. The 2nd Mega Brands Sale at Megamall was awesome yesterday!!!

Granted, I got a little too carried away, but hey, I had a hefty paycheck last month and didn't buy anything in Ireland, so I deserved this (or so I'll keep telling myself). :p

Me, outside the Megatrade Hall 2 (outfit post another time)

So, here are the things I wanted, but didn't get:

Elle suitcases for less than 10K!!!
The baby daddy said they'd get damaged easily, though. ;(

These are too old-school, I think.
Zhu-Zhu Pets would have been better.

Portable Monopoly!
3 portable games for only Php600!
I'm looking for a Filipino version of the game, though.

Toy Story Operation.
Really wanted this and was ready to pay, but decided to wait until Syrena is old enough to play it. I thought it might be a little sad if I played it on my own. :p

Tomato wallet and watch in MY FAVORITE COLOR.
Successfully resisted the temptation because I still have an unused Hello Kitty wallet lying around.

Enchanted Kingdom tickets.
I've never been. Is it any good?

Juicy perfume.
Ended up getting a different perfume, though. :)

Cute slippers for the baby with color-changing fish lips!
Didn't get them coz I wasn't sure about the size. :(

The James Younghusband poster wasn't for sale. :(

Princess Leia as Jabba's prisoner for 7500.
If we had space for a dining table, I would have put this as the centerpiece.

Pirates of the Caribbean themed nail polish!
I just stocked up on nail polish, though...

Cute phone cases, but none for Troy. :(

Super cute baby shoes from Keep.
None in Syrena's size, though. :(

Formal bra straps - very innovative!

Wonder Woman shirt! For MEN! What??

Too many Angry Birds merchandise, not enough Plants vs Zombies merchandise.

Fighting fish in lil fishbowls and cacti - but how to bring it home? :(

Triumph bras

Reeeally wanted these super cute bags.
Seriously debating going back for them today...

To be continued.

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