Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Review: What's Your Number?

"What's your number?" I have asked my girl friends this question so many times and if they don't say "09179662509... why?", they pretend like they've never counted.

But let's admit it, girls. We've all counted.

Now, I'm not sure how much things have changed here in the Philippines since I lived here more than a decade ago, but in Bangkok, we ladies went out to have fun. And by that, I mean we occasionally had one-night-stands, dumped our boyfriends when we got bored with them in the sack and were every bit the Samanthas that the Charlottes that I knew in the Philippines loved to hate.

Fortunately, "What's Your Number" touches on this touchy subject with both fun and flair and gives the 'prudes' of the world an inside look into the life of a woman they would call a 'slut'.

Although I'm not going to elaborate on it too much, a lot of the events in the movie hit very close to home. Waking up before a guy to prettify, putting on an accent to impress a guy, forgetting to add a guy to the list and adding a guy onto the list who wasn't supposed to be there? Check to all! And who hasn't stalked their exes to find out if they were better-looking/married/happier than we are now?


Although it does start off with a "Sex and the City" vibe and a true rom-com feel to it, things pick up after about ten minutes when Anna Faris brings her hilariousness onto the table as always and Chris Evans gets half-naked. ;)

via Joyhog

I never really liked Chris Evans before this movie - but now I'm obsessed. It was nice to see him break free from his cocky pretty boy roles and be a cheesy rom-com man for a change. I liked him in this. A lot. Yum yum.

My official rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.

Not exactly must-see movie material, but definitely a step up from usual rom-coms. Better than "Friends with Benefits" - let me put it that way.

Besides, what single woman doesn't want to watch a movie that gives her hope that she'll find a decent man even if she's slept with 20 guys? And what woman who is dating a complete jerk doesn't want to watch a movie that gives her hope that he could change his ways? That's what this movie is about: hope. That, and the promotion of the awesomeness of magazines like Cosmo. Get the October ish out now! ;)

P.S. I don't believe the average amount of men women have slept with is only 10.5, though. There is NO. WAY.


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  2. I love Chris Evans in his numerous almost naked scenes in this movie =))

  3. I love this movie! Anna Faris is hilarious! :p

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