Friday, October 28, 2011

PFW S/S 2012: Guess

Guess is easily one of my favorite brands ever. That's why I went absolutely crazy trying to get tickets for their Philippine Fashion Week show.

The night before the show, I still didn't have any tickets for it, though, and just when I was about to give up, a guardian angel came to my rescue: Amanda Paredes. :)

Amanda is a blogger, too, and one of my readers who won the Accessories goody bag in my Big&Bad Blog Giveaway last September. I was lucky enough to meet her in the Mall of Asia when she came to pick up the prizes; but since I had baby S with me, I wasn't able to take pictures or talk to her for very long. :(

Anyway, she had won tickets to the Guess show from Fashion Intern PH, but wasn't able to go; so she gave them to me instead! So nice! (She probably noticed my desperate give-me-Guess-tickets tweets - haha.) Naturally, I decided to take Keigh of Delishoes Servings with me, my official fashion-week partner. :)

The best news is that, unlike our Michael Cinco show seats, we were at the very front for this one. Oh yeah. Enjoy the photos (just click on the thumbnails for a bigger and better view)! :)

DJ Sanya Smith opened the show.

How pretty is this?

Short shorts and gorgeous shoes. Guess is so me, I swear!

I'm loving the fact that animal prints are still going to be hot next season!

I'm also loving the fact that sheer tops are still going to be hot next season, too!

Looks like flared pants and big hair are making a comeback.

As for the boys, things are looking very grey. Yay! The babydaddy looks great in grey! :p

And plaid Clark-Kent-ish polos will be hot next season, too. Time for Henry to ditch those stripes!

Of course, no fashion show is every complete without a hot dash of sizzling red.
P.S. Everything the model is wearing on the left? WANT.

Guess also had several celebrities walk down the runway.
(left) Jon Hall. I DROOLED.
(right) Maxene Magalona. I see her at Alabang Town Center a lot. If you think she's pretty in this picture, you should know she's even prettier without makeup. And boy, is she tall!

Yes, Guess definitely heated up the runway with daring denim, high heels and their classic style. I'm so happy I have a Guess List card now. Time to get my shop on at Guess stores nationwide!

Are you on the Guess List yet? :) If not, just visit any participating Guess store nationwide and make a purchase of more than P3,500 to get your card with 50 points balance. Enjoy! :)

You can also like Guess on Facebook here. Thank you again, Amanda and Fashion Intern PH! :)


  1. Awww. Thank you for the mention ♡
    I really regret not having a photo with you and baby S and not having more conversation because i only have a limited time since it's our field trip that day. :( I hope someday will meet again soon. And if i have tickets, i'll give it to you if i can't go. Nice to meet you! :D

    hope to see u soon?:)

  3. short shorts and gorgeous shoes! Love them! Glad you're blogger friend gave you the tickets. Look how gorgeous the pictures are.

  4. Awww, we're officially called fashion-week partner! :)

    Thank you for bringing me to Guess! Can't stress that enough. :)

  5. love your photos! thanks again for the tickets! i havent blogged about it yet :) thanks haa!!!

  6. oh wow lucky you! wonderful photos! :)

  7. wow lucky you, amzing photos. could you please check out my blog and maybe follo me if you like :D