Sunday, August 25, 2013

adidas Unite All Originals Fall/Winter 2013: The Ultimate Culture Clash

In the latest adidas Original campaign for Fall/Winter 2013, two music icons (Run DMC and DJ A-Trak) go head-to-head in the ultimate culture clash.

Sparks will definitely fly in the studio when these two legends create a modern anthem that will unite all originals. From the very beginning, Run DMC has collided with cultures and inspired other people. In fact, they were the first ones to unite hip hop with rock and fashion with music. Well, they're back once again - and with an interactive film at that!

Set in New York, Run DMC will play in a music video that their very own fans will be able to control with voice commands. They will also be able to add visual effects as they see fit, influence the video and trigger animations and special effects. Talk about a zeitgeist moment!

Here in the Philippines, adidas Philippines will be coming out with the new range of adidas Originals, including the following classic silhouettes:

The ZX, which was famous in the 80's for its amazing cushion and which I love for obvious reasons *cough* patriotic Wonder Woman colors *cough*. I definitely want to add this one to my current shoe collection!

The LA Trainer, which is another one of my favorites coz it's in my favorite color: yellow! :D This was one of adidas' first cross-trainers that featured an outsole fit for both indoor and outdoor wear.

The iconic and all-original adidas SL72, which was first launched in 1972 during the Olympic Games in Munich.

And the adiStar Racer, which is sleek and lightweight and has a more retro running shoe look.

Are you a fan of sports shoes? Which adidas Philippines one is your favorite? Do share! :)