Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Girl on the Go

I love my heels. Nothing will ever change that. However, on days when there are just too many places to go to and there is too much laziness in my bones, flats are my saving grace. So I'm extremely thankful that Butterfly Twists sent me these flats over to help me out during my days of need.

On the day that these photos were taken, Gerd and I had croughnuts at Cafe France and then coffee at Cafe Boheme (we clearly like cafes) and then went to church (the couple that prays together stays together haha). My new lacy Butterfly Twists were perfect for the day! :)

Minnie Mouse top from TOPS

Will my love affair with bars ever end? :p
barre3 FTW!

red clutch bag from Ensembles
floral skirt with built-in belt from Megann Monday

Valerie folding ballerina flats from Butterfly Twists

As mentioned earlier, these flats are perfect for any girl on the go. They are chic and compact - perfect for whenever you want to comfortably walk around for a long time, go shopping, travel or just look chic, in general.

I love that these flats are easy to fold away and pop into any bag - even the small one that I am carrying with me in these pictures.

However, I wouldn't advise wearing them when it is raining. They get quite uncomfortable (and make squishy sounds) pretty quickly. :( They take a while to dry out, too. Tried and tested... sadly. Lol. Yup. We got caught in a rainstorm after mass!

Do you own a pair of Butterfly Twists yet? :) What do you think of them? This is my third pair so far and I can't wait to get my hands on the boots that they now have available in stores. Yup. That's right. THEY HAVE FOLDABLE BOOTS NOW. *hears the hallelujah chorus* :p Will definitely get them for our Baguio trip next week! :) #excited


  1. Loving the skirt :) Also your hat is pretty cute!

    Lorraine x

  2. Sadly I don't own a pair :( but flats in general total life savers. You're right though, not very advisable in the rain they get pretty soggy :p. I will Totally check them out since you mentioned the two magic words "floral" & "boots" :D

  3. Cute outfit!! Lovin' the skirt!

  4. grabe, you look more beautiful and lively in that short hair angel!! you totally rockin' that Anne Hathaway, Carey Mulligan look!!. You will always be one of my favorite fashion bloggers ever!! :)) ♥ miss you Angel!!

  5. You can't wear them in the rain pala? The lacy deatil din nga can get dirty. Sayang. I hope they have other designs that can stand rainy weather. I trying locate a pair of flats that can protect my feet in rainy weather. I wear sandals now but they're getting worn now. =(