Monday, August 12, 2013

Be bold or italic, never regular.

For lack of a better word, I am a very, very weird person, in general. Celeste and Jesse from "Celeste & Jesse Forever" have got nothing on my weirdness. Most of the time, though - when in public - I make a mental note to keep myself in check, so as not to weird out the people around me and scare them away.

Other times, though - like when I'm spending time with my lil girl or my boyfie - I overcome that crazy notion that I need to be regular and just let the weirdness reign. :)

Here's one of my favorite outfit shots with my mini-me, taken by Gerd Perez. :)

beige pants from Uniqlo
brown slip-on shoes from J&M
sleeveless collared top from Oxygen

Excuse Syrena's matchy-matchy hot pink and black outfit and bag. She wasn't actually supposed to be in these photos, but she really wanted to fly with me.

She also wanted to channel some America's Next Top Model, apparently. This kid is too fierce for her own good.

Syrena aside, I gotta say that what should really be emphasized in this outfit are my awesome new slip-on shoes from J&M! These babies are incredibly comfortable! They're so soft on the soles, the toes and around the entire feet, I can literally walk in them all day without feeling any form of discomfort. Tried and tested!

J&M shoes are perfect for mommies like me who have to run after lil kids day-in and day-out, for bloggers who have to rush from one event to the next, and even for other women who are always on the go or simply prioritize comfort over anything else when it comes to their footwear. J&M also have men's shoes available! :D

Anyway, since I am starting to love J&M so much, I will actually be writing a separate feature on them in another blog post later this week and will be giving away a pair of the J&M shoes that I am wearing in this outfit post, as well! :) Stay tuned for that! :D

 Italics FTW!!!

How about you? Are you bold, italic or regular? :)


  1. Syrena is adorable! <3 Your both cuties!!!

    Carla Cee

  2. Ganda ng bag, at ang cute nyong dalawa ni Syrena. ♥

  3. your daughter is so cute :) eheh :) :)

  4. super cute photos of you and your daughter! :) di ko binasa ung conjuring takot ako ahahaha

  5. oh how adorable are those shots of you and your cute little angel! you both look amazing!