Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wanna Talk?

It's nothing personal. There are times where I might ignore your texts, your calls, your tweets or your Facebook messages; but those are just times when I don't wanna talk.

Heck, to be honest, there are even times where I can't tolerate myself, so I decide to sleep for 15 hours straight instead.

But then there are those days where I just smile at everyone; listen to everything that every other person has to say with sincere and genuine interest; and instead of rolling my eyes at the barista who is trying to be nice at me, I actually spend an extra ten minutes at the pick-up area chatting with the entire barista team about "The Voice".

I call these latter days my "good days" and the day these photos were taken was definitely one of those good days. Then again, who can avoid a good mood when they've just had a Crave Burger and they've got the sexy Han Solo on their shirt, right? :p

black leather bag from Ensembles
black studded boots from SM Parisian

white watch from Superdry
white Han Solo top from Forever 21
beige crocheted vest from Forever 21

My Han Solo top definitely got a lot of attention that day. One of my favorite impulse buys fo sho! 

And oh, before you take me too seriously again:

Right after we reviewed Crave Burger, I planned to go straight to barre3 in The Fort to workout because, yes, even after all of these many months, I am still addicted to barre3. As such, I decided to pay them a lil tribute before going:

Haha. Happy anniversary, barre3!
Five years and counting! :)

Peace out, homes! <3


  1. Cool iconic top. =)
    Btw I'm inviting you to join my 1st giveaway.. =)