Thursday, August 1, 2013

I'm Sorry I Binge-Drank.

It's been rough for me these past couple of days. After almost a year of not-drinking, I binge-drank at a party that I hosted the other night and while I had a blast during the party itself, the consequences weren't exactly spectacular.

I spent most of the following morning hugging the toilet, which I really shouldn't be doing anymore at this age - and with my daughter sleeping soundly in my room, I might add.

And then I spent another 24 hours in bed feeling sorry for myself because my throat felt like it was raped from throwing up so much. Just another one of those where-did-my-youth-go moments.

Anyway, they say that "I'm sorry" should also mean "I won't do it again", so... I'm sorry I binge-drank.

And, oh, in case you were wondering, no. I wasn't out drinking with my boys. In fact, I ended up missing their clean-fun company so, so much while I was giving my toilet some love. :(

floral top from Forever 21

white skater skirt from Pink Fashion

The deets on it are pure love!

suede heel-less heels(?) from SM Parisian x Rajo Laurel

I'm not saying I'm never gonna drink again, though. I just won't binge-drink. Or maybe I just need to start drinking a bit more often to make sure this never happens again? Hehe. Gawd, I love loopholes!


  1. Start drinking again! Lol! B.i much :D hahaha :) love the outfit angelie :)) Shooooes . *drooled* Lol :)) hehe


  2. Top presentation, great looks.


  3. I always say its better to drink with moderation once in a while then feeling like going overboard once :p I totally get what you mean ! Happens to the best of us :(

    Love your outfit !

  4. yikes sorry to hear about what happened post-binge-drinking session! :| anyway, at least there's a lesson to be learned from all this. keep it in moderation, next time ;)

    -Dress Me Up Buttercup

  5. Now I wonder why you're very concerned with age. You're looking younger by every post.