Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck as Batman: Why I Think He's an Awesome Choice

Ben Affleck as Batman.

Oh, where do I begin? Well, sometime last month, my-not-so-geeky boyfriend asked geeky-me completely out of the blue who I would want to don the Batman suit next. I remember not knowing what to say coz - I know... this next statement surprises me, too - I hadn't thought about it at all. Okay, okay. I admit I may or may not have said Zac Efron. Fine. But now that the news has broken about Ben Affleck as Batman, I am actually nodding my head in approval.

Come on, guys. Don't roll your eyes at me. Remember: it could have been Ryan Gosling.


Ben Affleck as Batman: Why I Think He's an Awesome Choice

Ben Affleck as Batman: He Will Look Good in the Batsuit


I remember how - exactly ten years ago - I almost died of happiness when Christian Bale was cast as Batman because, let's face it: Christian Bale is perfect in every physical-looking way. Of course, I loved Michael Keaton as Batman, too, but he wasn't attractive enough for me to get my panties in a twist. And I loooved Val Kilmer coz of his lips and now I love Ben Affleck because of his chin. (George Clooney isn't mentioned on purpose.)

In fact, I don't care what anybody says. Put the Batmask on Ben Affleck and he will look amazing. Men and women alike would want to hump him. And yes, this totes matters.

Ben Affleck as Batman: Coz I'm Sick of Christian Bale as Batman.

Yes, I loved that Christian was Batman ten years ago (yes, we're on a first-name basis), but three ever-so-semi-boring movies later, I'm pretty sick of seeing him in the role, TBH. Yes, I'm one of the few people who think his Batman movies are over-rated.

While some people repeatedly pointed out that they can't forget about "Daredevil", I need to point out that I can't forget about Christian Bale being a complete asshole on set.


Things haven't been the same between Christian and me since then. :p And besides, he's the one who wanted more than $60 million to don the Batsuit again, so good riddance. Ben Affleck as Batman it is!

Ben Affleck as Batman: He Can Move On From Daredevil.

Obviously, Ben (yes, we're on a first-name basis, too) realized that "Daredevil" didn't work out too well for him. (The soundtrack was amazeballs, though!) Which is why he moved on to other things.


So, instead of focusing on "Daredevil" - which was just one sucky movie... really, can you name another? - how about remembering "Good Will Hunting", "Armageddon", "Shakespeare in Love", "Sum of All Fears", "Hollywoodland", "The Town" and "Argo" for a change? And hello, need I mention the always-epic Kevin Smith movies that he was in?

At least he didn't get stuck in a rut *cough*Johnny Depp*cough* and has matured and become better since then. Give him some credit!

Ben Affleck as Batman: He Can Direct It!

While I may not have thought of Ben Affleck as Batman himself, I did hope that he would direct it. Well, since he's in it... better chances of that? Maybe? No? Too much Ben Affleck love in here?


Ben Affleck as Batman: He Would Look Good Next to Henry Cavill.

Ben may not be drop-dead gorgeous, but come on. I heard some rumors about that "Teen Wolf" kid being Batman. And then Ryan Gosling. And that old guy, Josh Brolin. :p And Joe Manganiello, whom I can only see as that "Magic Mike" stripper now. And, you know, my loves Zac Efron was mentioned, too. At least Ben Affleck as Batman won't look awkward next to Henry Cavill as Superman. Always look on the bright side!


Ben Affleck as Batman: Everybody Knows Him.

Of course, this matters, too. If you put somebody unknown in the Batsuit, not a lot of people will care - unless he's super duper hot coz we live in a superficial world like that (see first reason on why I think Ben Affleck as Batman is an awesome choice).

Plus, you know what? Even the haters will watch Ben Affleck as Batman, if only just to prove that they're right about Ben Affleck as Batman sucking balls.

I love how the refreshingly open-minded Julz Maramba put it best, though: "Why not? Once, everybody thought that Michael Keaton, a comedian, couldn't pull it off. But then he did." AMEN!


What do you think? Are you happy about the news of Ben Affleck as Batman? Feel free to tell me in the comments section... preferably not in a whiny manner if you don't like the casting. Coz, let's face it: you already lost, so what's the point? :p


  1. oh finally.. a positive feedback regarding this issue! i dont understand why people complain in advance. give ben a chance!

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  3. I roll my eyes at people who had too much to say about Ben as the new Batman. I found out Heath Ledger had the same negative feedback when it was reported that he'll play Joker. Turns out he did it well. For Ryan Gosling, I read somewhere that he refused because he doesn't like the idea of sequels. And yes, I think Batman movies with Christian Bale are overrated :)) not a single one attracted me to watch it haha (wait I remember us talking about this in Jamba Juice lol)