Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting a haircut is one of the many ways to move on.

Sometimes, getting a haircut is one of the many ways to move on. In fact, I'll be the first one to admit that I always get a haircut after a bad breakup. Without fail.

This time, though, I cut my hair for the mere reason that I was sick of my long, flat, stubborn and heavy hair. I find it funny that people ask me why I cut my hair and I really wish I had some epic breakup story to tell; or, like Beyonce, an anecdote about how my long gorgeous hair got stuck in an electric fan. But no. I'm more of a Britney and a Miley when it comes to this haircut. I just felt like it. End of story.

purple frilly skirt from Forever 21

haircut by Azta Urban Salon
Will be blogging about the experience soon! :)
The lipstick I'm using is Revlon Colorburst's Candy Apple.

Read the story behind this tattoo here.
Guess who the three dots represent in my life right now! ;)

Eiffel Tower stud earrings from The Little Things She Needs
Speaking of Paris, join my Little Parisians giveaway here! #awesomesegue

denim jacket from Uniqlo
floral corset from Megann Monday

sequined floral heels from Forever 21
Just one of those random impulse buys! :D

With less hair, I have absolutely no idea what to do with my hands when it comes to outfit-shot time. Lol.

I hope you like it. Or, at the very least, appreciate that I had the balls to try it out now that I'm older.

See, I had the same haircut when I was 12 and flat-chested and everyone in California thought I was a boy. That pretty much convinced me never to cut my hair again. Well, times are a'changing, and I've got me some lady lumps now, so I thought: why not?

As for those who have been putting my new hairdo down... Can't you just bash my hair behind my back like a normal high school girl? Haha. I'm just kidding. But, seriously? I cut my hair for me. And I am well aware that hair takes a long time to grow back, but the point is that it will grow back, so cut me some slack, please? :)

Need I remind you that I had an undercut before? There's nothing wrong with taking a crazy plunge. Change is good every once in a while. It helps you grow and become more comfortable in your own skin. :)

When was the last time you took a crazy plunge? :)


  1. It looks good on you angel :) Perfect for your strong character :)

  2. i think this hair cut fits you well. very very very chic! nice look too!

  3. I wonder why some people would put your new hair down. I really think it looks fab on you! And you're right, hair grows out anyway.

  4. Whoah! Ang FIERCE!!!! Ang hot nung 3rd photo!:)

  5. this brings out your beauty even more! :) bagay!!

  6. It's so fab and it really suits you! Lucky are the girls who can both have short and long hair.

  7. OMG! You rock with your new hair cut..

    Check my blog:

  8. I love your hair! It looks really good on you. :)

  9. Super love the new hair!!! All i did recently was cut my long side swept bangs into full straight bangs, not as edgy as your short hair. It looks super good on you! I've been thinking of cutting my hair that short myself, but I remember cutting it shoulder length two years ago and it just didn't feel right. Maybe next year? Hahahah :D I love your skirt, need to have that :D


  10. PAK!!!! LOVE LOVE IT ANGEL!!. You never fails to amaze and surprise me :)

    Michael Macalos

  11. It looks good on you. I envy girls nga who can rock short hair. It's less fuss kaya. =)

  12. I also had plans of chopping my long locks off last week. I scheduled an appointment at a salon today. And I'm planning to make it that short. HAHA.

    It looks really good on you! I hope it does on me too. :))

  13. I actually like this look for you. :)

  14. catching up on ur blog.. wow new hair ka na pala!