Sunday, September 22, 2013

Butterfly Twists Takes "Walking in Style" Very Seriously

Who would have thought that a shoe brand made for women's convenience was actually an idea born out of four (straight!) men? Well, that is exactly how Butterfly Twists, the fashion-forward UK-based foldable shoe brand that I raved about here, started.

One of the founders - who would rather not disclose his identity :p - lost a bet and experienced going to a party in 6-inch stilettos. After that, Butterfly Twists was born. Mark Quaradeghini (pictured below), who graced the event at Seda Lounge last month, swears that he wasn't the one who lost the bet. :p

Mark said, "Women today enjoy the on-the-go lifestyle and Butterfly Twists is here as their shoe partner whatever activity they do - a shoe on the go for the woman on the go." I could definitely relate, seeing as I had rushed to the event after a barre3 workout nearby. :p

Generally speaking, Butterfly Twists was designed with girls-on-the-go in mind; offering a set of innovative shoes that can be folded, stored in a pouch and stashed in a bag.

While they aren't the best shoes to wear when it rains (I learned that the hard way!), they are definitely durable enough for whole-day (dry) walking affairs. Yes, Butterfly Twists understands how seriously women take the phrase "walking in style". Just a quick tip: make sure you get the right size to prevent unnecessary discomfort and pain!

At the event with Kat Valdez.

Butterfly Twists' latest offering for Autumn/Winter 2013 showcases more than 30 new designs and color selections to cater to women's different needs.

Butterfly Twists introduces the Berkeley, the foldable traveling boots, which is in a league all on its own. I was actually hoping to get a pair of these before our Baguio trip, but my wallet can't afford it just yet. :( Hopefully soon, though! Again, best to keep these ones dry unless you don't plan of taking them off until you get home!

If you're looking for boots that can get wet, then Butterfly Twists' Windsor Wellies would be the best choice for you. These rollable rain boots are fashionable and especially made for the current gloomy weather found in the Philippines.

The Sienna Premium Collection is the one that is expected to captivate everyone's attention, though. If you love the look of sophistication, then these foldable ballet flats would be perfect for you.

Butterfly Twists' Sienna Premium Collection comes in three styles, with the Leah, Alexandra and Sienna models in ten elegant colors.

The Berkeleys aside, these are my favorites. 

I cannot wait to stock up on more Butterfly Twists next month. Not only are they the latest in things on runways and roadways, but they don't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

For more information, feel free to like Butterfly Twists Philippines on Facebook and follow them on Twitter :)


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