Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kodanda Archery Range: Bring Out Your Inner Legolas Greenleaf!

Being a self-confessed geek, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that becoming an archer has always been one of my hidden desires. I longed to own a bow and arrow and flit (yes, flit) from place to place ala Legolas Greenleaf.

So, when I read about Kodanda Archery Range on Ava's blog, I practically jumped out of my seat and decided to try it out with my blogkada, as well.

Kodanda Archery Range

Kodanda Archery Range is located on the bottom floor of Makati Cinema Square in Chino Roces Avenue and can hold a group of up to 14 people at once (2 to 1 target board). Of course, we did the 2-to-1 thing coz we're clingy like that. :p

Kodanda Archery Range

Don't worry about bringing anything to Kodanda Archery Range when you go, by the way. You just need to bring yourself and Kodanda Archery Range will take care of the rest! :)

Kodanda Archery Range

Once you get to Kodanda Archery Range, the first thing that you will have to do is get suited up. As mentioned before, the friendly and helpful Kodanda Archery Range team will do this for you. You literally just have to stand there, stretch out your arms and turn around.

Kodanda Archery Range

After that, the Kodanda Archery Range team will introduce you to the equipment. While I was sort of imagining a simpler and lighter bow ...maybe made with tree bark, twigs and vines? (A girl can dream, right? :p), we were instead introduced to these semi-heavy bows. They didn't make the experience less awesome, though - that's for sure!

Kodanda Archery Range

After being briefed on how to lift the bow, pull the string, release the string and get the arrows afterwards... it was game time!

...Except I panicked and refused to let go of the string on my first try. Hahaha. I sort of had this image of me hitting my other arm and me sprawled in the middle of Kodanda Archery Range if I let go. That didn't happen, of course.

Kodanda Archery Range

Fortunately, the team at Kodanda Archery Range was very patient with me and helped me throughout the process. It turns out I'm quite a good archer... if I concentrated and really put my mind to it, that is. :p

I kept forgetting to twist my left arm, so the string hit that arm at least four times... I ended up with a massive bruise the following day, but it was so worth it!

I also kept forgetting to just pull the string with three fingers instead of four. And I always take too long to aim, in general. Nothing that a few more visits to Kodanda Archery Range won't fix! ;) Yes, I'm optimistic about this! I will become an Elf! I will become an Elf!

Kodanda Archery Range

Regardless of whether your archery peg is Robin Hood, Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye or Legolas Greenleaf, though; you are sure to enjoy Kodanda Archery Range and what it has to offer - especially if you go with your friends. :)

At Php500 an hour, it is definitely worth the experience in itself. Plus, if you go on weekdays, you can practically have the whole place to yourself. On weekends, you will have to make reservations, though.

So... who wants to go with me and try it out?
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  1. I WANNA TRY!!!!!!

  2. Legolas, too, is my favorite archer! Then, Katniss.. Hahahahaha! You could be the third.. ;)

  3. I don't know any real person who is an archer but my ultimate crushes are Orlando Bloom when he played Legolas and Jeremy Renner when Hawkeye! :)

  4. I don't know any real person who is an archer but my ultimate crushes are Orlando Bloom when he played Legolas and Jeremy Renner when Hawkeye! :)