Sunday, September 29, 2013

Top Torikatsu: The New-Generation Quick Gourmet Ulam

Let's face it: food is a necessity. As much as we would love to just live our busy lives without thinking about food three (or more) times a day and forgo spending time and energy cooking a decent meal, we can't. Unfortunately, I couldn't cook to save my life, so I tend to just get some food delivered, eat my food out of a can, or quickly get some takeout before moving on with my day.

Well, Bounty Fresh has recently reminded me that this is no way to live a healthy life. Here I am, always finding time to work out nowadays, and then there I go shoving unhealthy crap into my stomach. Not good.

As the first Philippine company to win the Best Poultry and Livestock Company Award at the 2009 Asian Livestock Industry Awards, Bounty Fresh keeps providing top quality and delicious chicken products. It really is no wonder why it is called "Asia's Best".

Now, Bounty Fresh introduces Top Torikatsu, the first heat-and-eat item for people who are too busy or too culinary-challenged to prepare meals, but really want to eat some delicious chicken!

Based on the popular Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish, Top Torikatsu consists of the best 100% chicken breasts and is coated with crispy bread crumbs for added texture and crunch. Yum!

What really makes Top Torikatsu stand out, though, it that it has two flavors to it: Classic and Cheese & Chives. Plus, it is easy to cook. You just need to fry it for 3 minutes. My culinary-challenged mind is finally at ease! Haha.

Since the dish is delicious, quick and effortless, you won't just impress yourself, either; but everyone that you cook for. Just check out the latest Top Torikatsu campaign starring the Boys Night Out boys, Sam YG, Tony Toni and Slick Rick to see what I mean! A series of online videos will be uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Top Torikatsu soon. Wait for it! :)

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