Friday, September 13, 2013

On Moving On.

When you lose someone - be it in terms of friendships or relationships - it is important to remember to be kind. I'll be the first one to admit that this isn't always easy.

It is hard not to get angry when the friends that you once loved so much start posting things on their social media networks that sound like they might be meant for you, but you don't want to jump the gun and get angry because they might not be meant for you, after all.

It is hard not to get affected by things that your ex says as if you weren't affected by the breakup yourself. It hurts to see these people and pretend like nothing happened when your heart still secretly aches for their company with every fibre of your being.

My solution for these things so far has been to turn a blind eye. Unfollow them on Twitter and Instagram. Unfriend them on Facebook. Stop reading their blogs. Ignore their existence.

I did these things not because I stopped caring about them or loving them, but because it hurt me to see them getting chummy and sweet with other people the way they used to be chummy and sweet with me. This sounds selfish, but it was a means to help me move on and get used to life without them - if even for a short time.

In other unfollowing cases, it merely had to do with spoilers,, bad grammar, shockingly explicit language, or spammy tweets. But, to be honest: just because I don't follow you on Twitter doesn't mean I hate you, don't like you or am annoyed by you. Come on, guys. It's just Twitter. GTFU. Lol.

On that note, I really appreciate the people who approach me and ask me why I unfollowed them instead of jumping to conclusions and stabbing me in the back. Some of the time the unfollowing isn't even my fault, but merely has to do with a Twitter glitch. So, you know, if something like that bothers you, ask about it first.

Sigh. Don't you miss when social media networks didn't exist and life was so much simpler? Lol.

Anyway, what do you think of my new cardigan? :) I originally ordered this cardigan for our trip to Baguio, but it didn't arrive on time. :( I am happy to announce that it is still the perfect companion for me on rainy days here in Manila and when I'm hanging out in the mall, though. I'm pretty bad with the cold, so cover-ups like these are a complete must for me!

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  1. Real talk Sis ah.Hehehe!...Anyways I love your Yellow cardigans! parang bagay din sya sa black jeans! ;)

  2. That looked so sexy on you - now I'm tempted to get one for myself, hihi!

    Anyway.. cheer up sis! <3
    You are beautiful - you lose one, you gain much more - much better, a ton even! :)

    It's so hard to be kind - I struggled sa mga ganon..
    I guess you just need to let the emotions out, it will settle by itself in time din naman.


    <3 AISHA.

  3. that's true girl.. i'm on the process right now and it gets easy when i don't know any updates about him.. ignorance is bliss..
    you're cardigan is ready for your trip!

  4. i like it! :) and yes, i get that feeling too when it comes to friends.

  5. You haven't followed me on Twitter and still bothered why you unfollowed me HAHAHA ok moving on :)) love the cardigan!

  6. Be stong for now
    Because things will get better
    it might be stormy now
    But it can't rain forever.

    You look fab in that yellow cable knit cardigan Angel. Awwww, wag ka na malungkot Angel hehe ganun talaga may mga bagay talaga na hindi mo ineexpect na mangyayari, "you will be happy again". Hope to see ya' really soon!! :D

  7. I do exactly the same thing. Unfollow or hide, sometimes I just can't take it talaga, and people shouldn't hate on you if that's your way of moving on, we all get by the way we know how. :)

    Your cardigan is so cozy! :D