Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Do you remember when the boys and I went to Bicol for Dave's birthday during the beginning of 2013? Well, when I found out about that trip, I was in a bit of a panic because I knew it would involve swimming pools and heat.

See, none of my shorts fit me at that time coz, well, I had gotten much, much bigger than my usual self. So, when Gerd offered to give me some GCs for Miss Sixty, I greedily took them and got myself a pair of shorts that actually fit. Well, barely fit, anyway...

I can't believe I'm posting this picture.
But please take note of how tight the shorts were on me.

Now, let me just be proud for a moment and show you what those shorts look like now:


Now, I know that when you look at me now, I'm clearly still a work in progress. I've still got a lot of flab to lose - especially around the belly area - but seriously, I'm pretty proud of my transformation so far. :)

All I need to do is make sure I stay motivated until I reach my goal body. Hopefully by summer 2014. Yayuh! :D

pink slim lipstick from Hayan Korea
sunglasses from What Women Want (SM Department Store)

flats from J&M

Another adorable and comfy pair from J&M. Can't wait to share this gift of comfort with you! Anyone with a size 6 reading this, by any chance? ;)

couple's rings and bracelets from I am Wengski

Here's the counterpart on Gerd:


If you reek of cheese like we do or if you simply want to show your loved one just how much you love them, these engraved bracelets would be the best way to do so. If you happen to know their ring size, then add a ring into the mix, as well.

These jewelry pieces from I am Wengski are made of stainless steel and the bracelets can be adjusted as needed. You can get them wet, too, so feel free to never take them off ever again! :p

shorts from Miss Sixty
bikini top from Koi Swimwear

By the way, if you happen to love rings, in general, you can experience the sleekness and versatility of tungsten rings at Modern Design Inc. as well :)


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  2. You seem to have lost a lot of weight. Well done. Working on your body makes you feel good.


  3. I'm a size 6! Hahaha =) I've had my eyes on that brand for some time. But seriously, yay for a healthier lifestyle. Its a struggle for a lot of people, me included, and to find the energy and drive to be on that path is great. I wish I had more discipline. Ahk....

  4. Congratulations on the weight loss. Mind sharing your weight loss routine/plan? I am also currently a work in progress and would love to get some ideas on how other people do their routine.


  5. Wow! You lost weight. Is that result of Barre?