Friday, September 20, 2013

The Rules of What to Wear When Boogieing Down at a Music Festival

Going to a music festival can be a lot of fun, especially if you are seeing an artist or band that you really like. However, the huge crowds typically found at these events can be somewhat intimidating to most people. If you want to fit in and enjoy yourself at a music festival, here are a few fashion tips that will help you.

1. Wear a concert T-shirt

The rules regarding what to wear at a concert will always differ based on the type of music playing: fans at a heavy metal concert will not be dressed the same as those as a pop concert. However, one option which is always applicable is to simply wear a band t-shirt. It is a classic look which a lot of people use for their regular street style, but it will look completely at home at a concert. 

2. Comfy shoes

This is the most important aspect of a music festival outfit. The shoes are very important because they will allow you to boogie down. You can’t wear high heels unless it is a music performance where the audience will be sitting down. Other than that, choose whatever you like best: boots, flats, tennis shoes, ergonomic fitflop sandals. As long as you feel comfortable moving and dancing around in them, they are a good choice.

3. Jeans

Again, if you want to blend in and go with a style which is predominant at concerts, then jeans are the best choice. You could go with other kinds of pants if you prefer, but you should avoid skirts or dresses because they restrict your movement too much.

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